Just read the best diabetes book ever!

Hi all, I had to share, i have read alot of books about diabetes since jacob was diag. 4 years ago. I just read The Book of Better, Life with Diabetes can't be perfect, MAKE IT BETTER by Chuck Eichten. It was the most entertaining and optimistic book, he is a longstanding diabetic that works in design. so the writing style pics everything is completely unique and catchy. did i say catchy for a book about diabetes, i really mean it. This is the first book that i would suggest that jacob read, he is 14 and a treat it and forget guy, lets not get to deep. He actually loves to read i think if i left this book around he would pick it up, obviously if i suggest it, it wont go over but honestly i would recommend this to any adult or teen. really the best!

Delighted that this will be of interest to Jacob. Hopefully now he'll read it, let us know if you find him sneaking a look.

Thanks for the review!

I have the book. I agree -- it's a good one! :)

my uncle sent me this book a few months after i was diagnosed. ive read it twice from cover to cover. now sometimes when i have an "i HATE diabetes" day, i just open it to whereever and have a laugh!
it really is a fabulous book!

good to know it had the power to pick you up a bit on a low day!

Lol, just looked at a preview of the book in Amazon.com and is promptly going on my Christmas list!!

Just checked - not available for Kindle - boo hoo.