Book The End of Diabetes

Anyone familiar with Joel Fuhrman's newest book, The End of Diabetes? While I'm always skeptical of promises to "reverse" diabetes, I'm wondering whether this book may have some good tips.

After looking at Joel Fuhrman'site he is into so called diet and nutrional advice money make machine.As to reverse" diabetes i find that so funny for some of use who are T1,Yes i have been reading very good DATA from the newcastle experiment,Who loose wieght by living on 600 Cals a day for those who are T2 and are suffering with Obesity,Yet another book to make some so called health guru rich.

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Comments here seem on track.

I agree that words - reverse - cure equal more snake oil.

That said There are some important aspects of a complex treatment program carefully managing medical misfires/aging, diet management- energy balance management and sufficient exercise; I believe it is possible to reduce/manage the damage and optimize ones health.

Cure and reverse are not the words I would use. The hunter gatherer gene/digestion system which is ancient with few mods/gene improvement do not
facilitate the words cure/reverse.

Nor looking for the single answer - garlic rings/stake in the heart/silver bullits for vampires and a unified field theory sole answer to the mess also seems far fetched.

Sorry, I have not read this book. I have read his previous book "Eat to Live" and watched the movie he supported "Simply Raw." I have to tell you, I am not impressed. And when I looked into his background I am even more worried. As a member of PCRM he has connections to animal rights activists and his dietary advice is based on poor evidence. He has no standing in the medical community and his diet has no studies that support that it works. And when I look at some of his projects like "Simply Raw" it freaks me out, the guy Gabriel Cousens, a "doctor," is some new age guru who has had his license revoked and been investigated for killing patients.

Sorry I can't be more promising, I just have not seen good things.