"Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3" Book, any thoughts!?

Came cross this book:

Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3: A 3-Step Plan to Balance Sugar, Lose Weight, and Reverse Diabetes Complications

Thinking about buying it, but thought to ask if anyone here read it or know if it was Good/Bad??

Hit me…!

I don’t know about that specific book but have a whole bookshelf of similar books that I have bought and were basically worthless. Most of them make it seem so easy and they assume we are overweight, couch potatoes to begin with. Most don’t really understand insulin resistance and how to combat it. I found the best info from different websites like
BLOOD SUGAR 101 www.phlaunt.com/diabetes The only book I think is worth the cost is Dr Bernsteins
DIABETES SOLUTIONS He doesn’t claim to reverse diabetes but you can manage bgs and bring them down to normal levels which in the long run will help you avoid complications.

The only others books that I would add to Jeannie’s list are “using insulin” and “think like a pancreas” if you are using insulin. The key to the problem is insulin resistance which nobody understands and is hard to measure which could be why nobody understands,

Honestly…it sounds like it’s geared to the media’s idea of the ‘typical Type 2’ diabetic. Many diabetics don’t need to lose weight.

And reverse complications? Well, I’m skeptical there. I’d LOVE to know how to reverse my eye damage.

So…IMHO, it’s probably a worthless book. You’d do better to get real advice from real diabetics living with the same condition here, at TuDiabetes.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Agree with what you all said. My thing is that I know what need to be done and follow, it is that making me do it!

I had diabetes for 28 years, I didn’t live a restricted life. I eat whatever and I rarely checked my BG. But later on when I was mature enough I started to watch out and be concerned. In 2006 when I moved into using the pump, it was a turning point for me. But now I lack coordination!!!

Am not sure what to say or how to describe it! Am lost!