Boston, anyone? Or Utah?


Hi everyone!!! So, I’m from Boston, and moved to Salt Lake a few years ago. I don’t have many contacts out here. It seems that I dont meet anyone out here. Is anyone from here, or near here? And if your from Boston, let me know too!! Seems like theres always someone from back there!! I’ll always be a Boston girl!! Anyway, feel free to write back, I’d like to meet you!


I had written a note welcoming u to Boston, but I’d read too fast. You’ve left Boston, what a shame.

I hope there’s a community of folks you can get together with. Maybe you need to arrange a diabetes club of some sort.


Hi there Becky! I live down in Orem, about 45 minutes south (wish I lived in SLC, but hubby and I work down here). I’m originally from Long Island and my sister lives in Boston. I’ve been in Utah for 7 1/2 years and am not a native yet.

If there is a community or club here in Utah, I don’t know about it, but I’d love to find out, too.


Hi Becky, I’m from the Boston area, live in Norwood, raised in Norwell. I was stationed north of SLC in the 80s at Hill AFB for almost four years - I loved it there but missed New England.

If you follow my Flickr link in my profile, I have tons of Boston photos if you’re homesick (though that could make it worse).


hi becky,
i’m originally from upstate ny, but have been living in boston for the past six years. i live in arlington these days. it’s so much fun to be here in the spring/summer when the sox are playing well!
i hear salt lake city is beautiful! hope you can connect with some folks with the d out there.
go sox!