Anyone up for a ball game?

Next week I’m driving out east with my husband and kids to visit family
in Massachusetts. While we’re there, we’re hoping to rally with some
diabetes bloggers.

I was thinking a ball park might be a fun place to gather.

Just bought tickets to see the the Paw Sox on July 23rd-- email me if you’d like in on this and I’ll send you more info…

Oh My God!!! Sandra, I am 30 minutes from McCoy Stadium… Please send me an email with details… :)))

Olivia will be at camp that week (and so will Nicole, if she’s stowing away :wink: ) and I don’t know if I’m going to have the funds to do that. We are seriously broke these days. Sucks.

Are you free any other days?

Last I heard, Ellsbury had been called up, but that could have changed - they send them back and forth to give them experience.

According to my sister, Ellsbury was just filling in while Coco Crisp was on the DL. Though it doesn’t sound like it’ll be long before this kid is called up again…

I’ll let you know if we can do something another day-- still need to coordinate with my siblings out there.