Boy am I Tired

I got back from walking the dog and boy is it hot outside. i was just looking through the forum and thought i should write another little ditty for you guys since i feel kinda empowered to take better care of myself this summer seeing as how im really struggling right now.

my dream is to cross the ocean
to set foot on another land
by my on free will
to speak another language
but here i stand afraid to set foot on the horizon
to leave my world behind
i just want to achieve my dreams

my dream is to hold a child
safely in my arms
and say you are mine
til the end of time
i want to teach them what i know
i want to watch them til im old
but here i am afraid to step out on my own
to face the world
never knowing what could be

my dream is to be free from the pain
to never have to cry
because i was feeling so low
to feel good all the time
the only thing holding me back
is my own stubborn pride
this is my dream

Melissa, Thanks for sharing this poem!! I can relate to this on MANY levels :slight_smile: I was diagnosed at the age of 21. I was just about to graduate from college and had applied for a scholarship to spend a year abroad (in Hungary). Then came diabetes. Everyone (family and friends) assumed that meant that I couldn’t go.

But I decided that I would be FOREVER mad at my diabetes if that was the reason that I missed this experience! So I planned, planned, planned and got lots of support from my family and left :slight_smile: 5 years later, I’m still here. I fell in love with the place and eventually my husband, a Hungarian.

Now we are planning to have children and I’m working on getting my A1c down to prepare for pregnancy. After my diagnosis, these were my two biggest fears: that I would have to give up the chance to live abroad and that I would not be able to have children.

I strongly feel that diabetes does NOT need to stand in the way of your dreams. You can live your dreams :slight_smile:

thanks for the kind words.

Melissa M,

But your dream is fulfilled
cross the oceans
the world
learn another language
fell deeply
in love
have children
and teach the world
true love

My dear,your poem is so beautiful,we do have among groups Poetry club &Nostalgia,No added sugar member,have a look,join and post your lovely poems there…

oh i like that painting. did you do that?