Bragging Rights

i have to just take the time to brag for a few seconds to people who know what i am talking about. cause i tried to brag to my bf about this and it went WAY over his head. i just became a type 1 in the beginning of feb. my A1C test at that time was OVER 15. i went and got an A1C test a few weeks ago, just got the results today… 6.5!!! perfect! fasting went from 230 something to 119. HAHAHA!!! i didn’t think it would be that great!

though question…how do you fast for 12 hours??? gotta get another test in three months were i have to fast 4 hours longer then before. :frowning:

Wow! That’s fantastic! My A1C’s have been perfect ever since i was diagnosed in September last year, but last A1C was 7.0. A little high for me. I really want to bring it down, but now that it is summer, it’ kind of hard.

Congrats! That is such an amazing improvement. I honestly dont know how you would fast for such a long period of time.

Way to Go!! That’s an absolutely awesome drop in A1C. You must be doing everything right.

12 hours fasting isn’t as hard as it sounds. You just make the appointment for first thing in the morning. So if you eat dinner at say 7PM, and get into the lab at 8AM, that’s actually 13 hours. We normally go that long without eating, that’s why they call it “break fast”! But I personally am not a morning person and hate like hell to get up and go out that early and before my cappuchino and breakfast. My question to my doctor would be WHY? If it is just an A1C test, there is absolutely no reason to fast. If he is doing other things at the same time then it might be necessary. But do check first, because I’ve had the experience where doctors or labs automatically say “fasting” when it isn’t really necessary. You also can get an A1C home kit as they are just as reliable. I just do that and give the doctor the results. Easy.

Great job!

Congratulations! I accomplished that similar sort of thing within my first few months of diagnosis myself. It’s a great feeling to know you’re improving, not to mention you physically feel better as well.

that sounds like a good idea. thanks

last time it was only an 8 hour fast…which i don’t think really counted. but i asked the lady who gave me the lab paper and she said 12. but i will call tomorrow and ask to make sure.

well done!

Great results! You definitely have bragging rights.

WTGO !!! Congrats! :wink:

woah oh ho watch out congrats on that awesome drop =) i know how happy you were because the same thing happened to me =) about the fasting idk how you would go about that because i have never had to fast that long =/


Your basal should not be changed if it is set right. It should simply be handling your cellular needs round the clock, not your meal/carb needs.

You fast from 7 pm to 7 am and presumably you have a test at 7 am. (Nothing to eat after supper the night before.) You simply don’t give yourself your bolus meal shots over that 12 hour period since you’re not eating. But you can give yourself correction shots. And whenever you give your basal shots, morning or night, do so.

that makes sense. thank you

Congratulations!! It sounds like you are really taking control seriously and making all the right choices/changes.

Good for you! That’s a tremendous improvement and there is research that a “good start” really pays dividends for the long haul.


great job! it took me about 8 1/2 years to get mine down that low! keep up the good work and remember that we are all in this together! : )

Wow!! You are AWESOME!!! Congrats.

Our lab has posted a notice saying that 8 hours is sufficient if you’re diabetic. Check with your doctor or lab.