Eating out for breakfast

At my favorite place, great omelets. I ask for my typical no bread ) I just ignore the potatoes. Then she said would you like the lower carb version, with no bread and no potatoes just a double salad. Yes! She said many are asking for less carbs.
Maybe it is being trendy with Keto WOE.
Works for me)))


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just a double salad. Yes!

Unfortunately often times the dressing is already mixed into salad, super sweet.

I always ask to be sure dressing on side.

Lol, I bring my own dressing because it’s never vegan!!!
I also don’t get the bread, or the potatoes or the omelet because none are ever strictly vegan ( ingredients, oil, grill)
okay…so I probably wouldn’t be eating at an omelet restaurant in the first place!:grinning:

I always ask for the dressing on the side. Then just ignore it.

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Around 2003, low-carb diets became trendy. So a lot of LC items appeared in supermarkets and probably in restaurants as well, but living in a rural area, I hardly ever eat out.

Then the trend peaked and started reversing, and I predict the keto movement will do the same.

Yes, I remember very well when the trend shifted to the latest food marketing buzzword which was “fat free”. Products were all becoming the rage as fat free and the manufacturers reduced fat while increasing sugar so the products took a huge carbohydrate boost and people thought they were doing themselves a favor by eating that junk.

Now there appears to be a trend toward reducing carbohydrates in foods so there is hope for diabetics as well as the population in general. The population is also now better educated to understand how to read nutrition labels and somewhat understand what they mean. Unfortunately many consumers are not very good in even the most basic of arithmetic skills and get confused when nutrition is based per serving and there are multiple servings in a packaged product.

I guess I missed the death of low carb. I have been doing it for 10 years,
Not Keto although I checked and I am in Ketosis. Just eating to my meter.
I have never really purchased packaged foods. I live in San Francisco and I can walk to several quality food markets and weekend farmers markets for fresh food.
I grew up in the Midwest and our dinner usually started with going to the garden and pick what was ready. Or to the farmers stand down the road.

Another benefit of living in San Francisco is that they discourage the opening of national chain restaurants so most restaurants are locally owned and with great food choices,

The down side to living in San Francisco is that the housing is so insanely expensive, that affording quality food is not easy.

I got on the low carb high fat then changed to low fat high carb roller coaster when I used to eat one - two store bought 6 oz yogurts to eat after a 20 - 25 mile inline skate. When the stores were all converting, I converted to making my own yogurt instead of buying the low fat high carb but could never get the variety and enjoyment of what I made to taste as good as store bought so gave up yogurt totally.

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I always ask what I can have in place of breakfast potatoes.