What did you eat today?

Always curious about the eating habits of others with Diabetes… Care to share what you ate today?

Breakfast: Pumpkin seeds
Snack: Coffee w/Splenda
Lunch: Turkey vegetable soup (homemade w/ cauliflower and celery)
Snack: Walnuts
Dinner: Alice Springs Chicken (homemade) w/ SF “honey” mustard

Low on vegetables today but I just wasn’t feeling it.


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Didn’t sleep well last night. Needed simple sustenance. I bought a day old bag of bagels and cream cheese at the Deli. I ate 4 out of 6. They were onion flavored. Everyone complained at work. When they saw me carrying them inside, I heard, “Uh oh, its stinky bagel day.” I have no regrets. They were delicious.

Loop data was decent.

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Breakfast - Skipped

topped with whip cream



Plus a small handful of chopped walnuts

I am a chocoholic in case you can’t tell. Not a day goes by without at least a little bit of dark chocolate.


Breakfast: cottage cheese with a few blueberries, coffee with half and half
Lunch: banh mi style turkey burger in a lettuce wrap
Afternoon snack: iced almond milk latte, handful of pepitas
Dinner: Not sure yet! I have leftover garlic/parmesan stuffed artichokes I made last night so most likely those, but I’m going on vacation tomorrow so might try to start introducing more carbs now to ease into that inevitable vacation diet change/see how my body is currently doing with carbs.


Breakfast: nothing (sole water using Himalayan pink salt & black coffee)

Lunch: nothing (water & black coffee)

Snacks: none (water & black coffee)

Dinner: T-bone steaks that I got on sale for $3.79/lb, Himalayan pink salt, and water

This is what I eat (beef only), and how I eat (dinner only) everyday

When I got up this morning, I drank two cups of coffee with heavy cream.

For my first meal at 11 am, I ate scrambled eggs made with cream, an Italian sausage, and sauteed onions, sweet peppers and cherry tomatoes. I finished with frozen blueberries.

Between meals I ate mixed nuts, cashews, pecans, and Brazil nuts.

At 5:30 pm I finished my second and last meal of the day. This meal consisted of 3/4 cup of full-fat cottage cheese and frozen blackberries.

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Pineapple in the am as I was trending to go low. I skip breakfast most of the time.

Today (late morning) was interesting as I got a package of odds and ends of new things to try so it felt like opening a Christmas present. So I had to try a bunch of it, cocoa covered almonds, raw hazelnut butter with cocoa and cocoa nibs, Brazil nuts that I promptly made some parmegan and added the brazil nuts too (and then ate several spoonfuls) and a new wheat cracker. A new mushroom powder I should have added some to my veggie bowl I had later.

Mixed veggie and seitan bowl
chocolate chip cookie

dinner is always light or just a snack
vegan cheese, tofurky and crackers sound good, but it’s early yet here
( I did have this as my dinner)

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Big plate of pancakes covered in syrup and butter. Scrambled eggs covered in ketchup, bacon. Sparkling water and a Latte.

Bacon, mushroom, Swiss burger with sweet potato fries.


Breakfast: 1/4 cup cooked oats groats, 1/2 banana, 1 cup blueberries, 1 medjool date, 1 cup black coffee.

Lunch: Bowl of summer squash and potato soup with nutritional yeast, 5 small rice crackers, a handful of kale, 2 homemade garbanzo bean chocolate cookies, 1 cup decaf and herbal coffee black.

Dinner: garbanzo bean and kale stew with eastern spices, pumpkin kernels, lg bowl of salad with 7 different vegetables, pumpkin kernels, nutritional yeast sprinkled on salad and soup, 1 garbanzo bean chocolate cookie, and 1/4 cup banana, chocolate “nice” cream. 2 oz red wine, 1 cup decaf and herbal coffee.

Probably a bit of dried fruit before bed.


Breakfast: Lg coffee with dbl heavy cream, electrolytes
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: 135grams Rib eye steak


Breakfast: 1 cracker bread, laughing cow swiss. pre-meal BG 65mg/dl
Lunch: 3 slices sushi, 1 low carb tortilla, steak fajitas, sour cream. pre-meal BG 98 mg/dl— post meal BG 349!!!
Dinner: 5oz. steak, 2 cups green beans. pre-meal BG 192 (high all day!)
bedtime snack to correct a trending down BG: 1 cracker bread, 1 triangle laughing cow light swiss, 1 tablespoon peanut butter and now I’m up to 200 arrgh.


Have you made your way over to the carnivore diet? I know you are a very big proponent of keto and IF but that looks like straight carnivore diet there. If you have I would be very interested in hearing about your experience with it.

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Pumpkin seeds for breakfast made me smile:) I love how quirky the breakfasts of some of my fellow D’s are:) I’m going to try this one!


Woah…did you ease into eating this way or do it 100?

Do you eat vegetables? Is this just a day in the life or somewhat regular?

I’m interested too.

I unintentionally eased into it. At first I was a standard american/western diet which was prescribed to me but moron “doctors”. Then I went standard keto after deciding to do my own research. Then doing more research and studying, I went zero carb. This consisted of meat, fish, eggs, butter, cheese. no veggies, fruit, carbs, sweeteners, etc. And lastly, after more research and studying, I’m on a beef only diet. Beef has all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body, it is the only food in the world than can be solely eaten and provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals to the body.

Regarding OMAD (or one meal a day) yes I eased into this too unintentionally. We’ve all been trained for 3 meals a day plus snacks, which is ridiculous overfeeding. I went to intermittent fasting (16 hours fasted, 8 hour eating window) with a meal typically at 11am and again at 7pm. starting doing this when i started standard keto diet. Now i’ve transitioned to OMAD because it’s healthier and easier. I don’t have to worry about making or finding a healthy breakfast, lunch, or snacks. This is especially great when traveling. I only have to worry about one meal (dinner) and even more so I only eat beef which makes it even simpler. I eat to live, not for pleasure, so OMAD is great for this. If you love food and eating OMAD probably isn’t for you. also fasting has amazing effects on the providing healing, regeneration, energy, and more all through autophagy. OMAD certainly isn’t easy especially at first but you get used to it and feel great once you do. I would certainly suggest 16:8 fasting to start then eventually try OMAD for at least 2 weeks so your body can adjust to see if you can tolerate it. if not then just stick to 16:8 two meals a day. No snacks ever

And yes I exercise, work, and do everything a normal non-diabetic person not on insulin can do while fasted. I typically take lantus only, 15u nightly within an hour or so of my one beef meal. For example yesterday I woke up 113 blood sugar 8am. went to work which consisted of mowing lawns and other maintenance chores. after about 5miles and 10,000 steps my blood sugar was 86 at about 3pm, which was i checked next. when I ate my one meal consisting of a few tbone steaks at 7pm I checked my blood sugar again and it was 72. at this point I was at 6miles and 14,000 steps. so what my point is DO NOT LISTEN TO “DOCTORS” “FRIENDS” OR “FAMILY” THAT WANT TO CARB LOAD YOU ALL DAY WHEN EXERCISING. it is completely unnecessary assuming you are fat adapted, your body is burning fat instead of glucose for energy, and your insulin doses are figured out. I’ve heard nonsense of 15g of carb per 30min of exercise. I guess this would be true for people on massive doses of insulin all day long at constant risk of hypos. but diabetes even type 1 can be largely managed with diet, albeit a VERY VERY strict one.

One more thing, if you’re curious about what types of beef I eat. I eat only fatty cuts. so ground beef that is at least 80/20, but i try for 75/25, 73/27, or 70/30. and fatty cuts of steak such as ribeye, ny strip, tbone, porterhouse, etc. don’t eat lean beef, you need the fat, it’s healthy for you.

btw my cholesterol is excellent. dietary fat and cholesterol consumption does not affect bodily cholesterol levels. especially when doing long-term fasting (24+ hours) your body uses every drop of fat for energy, including cholesterol, which is so healthy for your brain!


@jenni_bean @Riley1 - I’ve sent both of you PM’s

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send that PM to me too, i’m curious if your diet is similar to mine!

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