Breast feeding and type1

I just read this article study.
I had always believed in a breast feeding link but now maybe not.
I am one of 4 kids and I was the only one not breastfed. And I am the only type1.
So based on my own observation it looked true.
That’s why we need really big controlled studies.
My daughter was also not breastfed,but I knew nothing about that original study in 94. Otherwise I would have advocated for it more.
Luckily she’s not diabetic. But then again, I wasn’t diagnosed till I was 21.

I’m still not ready to let my mother off the hook yet.

My Mom did breast feed me, but then stopped when she had an breast infection (doctors advice). Later, after my T1D diagnosis at age 5, she read similar a article regarding connection to T1 and not breast feeding, and felt guilty. (I think I was bottle fed evaporated milk).

Later Dr said it was not connected, but I think she always wondered. Have many siblings and cousins, and no other T1Ds in extended family.

This is another one of those who knows question. And until there is some true clinical trials done, it will be a who knows answer. I was breastfeed and ended up with diabetes at the age of 8, so who knows?!

I was breastfed and got diabetes at 18 months old. My 3 younger brothers weren’t breastfed and none of them have ever had markers for type 1 and they were checked by my endo’s as part of a study. So far I’m the only one in my family that we know of with type 1.

I’ve read that the vitamin D supplement that is recommended for babies in the first year is more significant. Mothers who have healthy vitamin D levels will pass this vitamin on through their milk, but many people have low levels of vitamin D.

Conclusion of the study linked above:

“Dietary vitamin D supplementation is associated with reduced risk of type 1 diabetes. Ensuring adequate vitamin D supplementation for infants could help to reverse the increasing trend in the incidence of type 1 diabetes.”

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I was breast fed and have type one. My 3 other siblings were bottles and formula and don’t have diabetes.

We also have family history of diabetes.