Breastfeeding a child with diabetes

I am currently working towards certification as a Lactaction Counselor and I was wondering about those who may have had very young children diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and how this affected their ability to continue breastfeeding. My son was still breastfeeding when he was diagnosed and I found it to be challenging to know for sure if he needed insulin coverage for it or not. He was a year old at that point and nursing maybe 4-5 times a day, usually at early morning, nap/bedtimes and “snacks” during the day. I wan’t necessarily ready to stop and he didn’t seem to be either but I wasn’t sure how to manage everything. I didn’t receive much insight on it from the docs at that point I think they just expected me to wean him. He stopped nursing the next month at 13 months. I know some babies are diagnosed even as young as 3 months or younger when their sole nutrition is breastmilk. Has anyone experienced this and how was everything managed? Continuing to breastfeed is obviously the best for the baby.