Brief Introduction

I would first like to take the time to briefly introduce myself. I was first diagnosed with Adult onset Diabetes in 2000. My primary care physician told me that I probably developed diabetes because I was considered obese. His advice was for me to lose weight and take glucophage daily. My first question was if I lose the weight would I then be able to return to my normal life and previous lifestyle. He told me that my family history did not predispose me to the disease and that more than likely I could (my father was the only other diabetic person in my family tree). I strived like a beast to lose weight. I found this book called SugarBusters and followed the plan to a T. I gave up white sugar, white bread and white flour based products, white rice, sugary sodas, etc. This was the key, I thought, to getting rid of this disease! When I was first diagnosed, I weighed 220lbs. I lost 80lbs and I thought I was on the road to freedom. Unfortunately, I was so far from reality that I could have lost my life. I am today, trying to cope with being different from my “normal” friends and get beyond the 7stages of grief so that I can live! Am I the only one who thinks that dealing with diabetes seems like an Idol at times? When I wake, I have to think about it, all day I am constantly thinking of testing my levels, eating properly, did I take my medicines, should I walk on the beach today without my sandals, can I have a lemondrop offered to me, etc. etc. I just don’t want Diabetes to control me, I want to control it!

Welcome, Angeli (pretty name!) You will find so much information here. There are lots of others who have been where you are and are in a good place, now. It can always get you down, but as they say, “Knowledge is power.” Congratulations on the weight loss…it can only be good for you, and continue to take care of yourself. Good luck.

hi angeli, i’m newly diagnosed with T2 diabetes too (and I am only 20!). in the beginning, i held a similar attitude to what you write about. i was really afraid of everything. i read up on everything that i could, which is good, but it led to me knowing too much. i didn’t dare to eat many kinds of foods and let diabetes take over my life. while diabetes is something you and i must deal with every single day, it must never become the only thing in our life! that’s something i strive to do every single day. sure it sucks and it gets us down sometimes, but you can pick yourself out of each slump and turn all your fear and worry into energy to make tomorrow a better day. there’s always tomorrow, and you take each day as a new chance to make things good. be good to yourself!