Brigitte is starting to be a good Ambassador

A few days ago I asked myself Am I a good Ambassador for TuDiabetes? Why did these words come in my brain? Because I wanted that every diabetic in my country, France, visit my favorite community of friends. Last year I started to speak about TuDiabetes and the few people that went to the site told me , it’s in English! Yes, but is it so hard? So some weeks ago I started to think how I can help TuDiabetes. I could write on all the walls of my city "Diabetics from France visit TuDiabetes! ( diabétiques de France, visitez TuDiabetes.) But I need too much pens to write. It was not a good idea but behind the strange idea , the right idea was here. I need to write and explain all the good things that I learnt from all the forums, groups… I’m on FaceBook, under my name (Brigitte Roy) and I think it was not the right place to write what I wanted. I read the blogs of Anna (my twin from Canada), from Kerri and of course some blogs here and I write here too! So I was asking myself : why do you want to write? About diabetes, about TuDiabetes, about my life. Yes. And I want more. How could I help French diabetics? How I could tell them that there are more diabetics in USA than in France. How could they know that American diabetics can do their A1C at home? Could they know that there’s a pump without tubes?

How could they know about Frio, and who discovered insulin?

All those words to tell you that I started a blog, in French. My first page was about Frio and a story from the past (the day when I was with my parents in Aix-en-Provence, in a hotel and we gave my insulins bottles for the night in the fridge (30 years ago and there was no fridge in the bedrooms); my maman told them to put the little boxe with vegetables. During the night they switched my bottles to ice. Hou la la! a nightmare and the help of the Gendarmerie (police) to open a pharmacie early in the morning).
And I put TuDiabetes badge on it. And maybe some French diabetics will read my blog...And go to visit TuDiabetes.I will explain that I'm an Ambassador.
I have another great idea, maybe I could start a discussion or a group in French, for my friends who like to read my language and for French people?
So this is my link, there's only one blog.

Grandes nouvelles ! J’ai juste signalé un message dans Facebook avec le lien pour votre blog ! J’écarte le mot !

Great news! I just posted a message in Facebook with the link for your blog! I am spreading the word!

Il y a beaucoup de francophones au Canada,j’en suis une!

There are many francophones in Canada…I am one of them!!!

Commençons un “groupe” de TuD pour les francophones… Je viens de designer tel groupe, J’espère que ça nous aidera?