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TuDiabetes is great but I cannot keep both this page and my blog which I started before TuDiabetes ever existed up-to-date… I do hope you will visit my blog at . In the very, very first posting on my blog I tell you about my background. I was born in the US, moved to Sweden and now live in Brussels, Belgium! I write about my life with diabetes, about books, art, dogs… lots of things! The point of my blog entries is to promote discussion. I believe that no two diabetics have exactly the same diabetes! We each react a little bit differently. I believe we have to help each other by talking about the “tricks” that each of us have discovered to cope with diabetes. Often the blog post entry is just the staring point for the discussion that takes off in the comments. I will try to reply to all comments. So please read the comments. The comments are from you and I and others in the diabetic community. Please join in! Leave a comment. One word of warning - my blog is not a place for advertising! Some people write blogs because they want to write. I don’t; I write it only because I want to promote discussion. Hope to see you at my blog soon…Go ahead, take a peek, visit .

Once you are “inside” the post/discussion item, they don’t look too different. The most important differences have to do with how you get to them, and how they are “archived”.

  1. Blog posts, being more personal in nature, can only be seen on the home page on the first column, as they are posted and quickly fall off the home page. After that, they can still be accessed within the person’s “My Page”.

  2. Discussion topics remain on the home page for as long as someone has posted a reply. Also, they can be categorized based on the breakdown of topics in the Forum section, where they can continue to be accessed in a more structured way.

So, in sum, if you want to share a personal story, etc. blog post is the way to go.

If you want to open up a topic for discussion, etc. discussion topic would be it.

Does that help?

Yes Manny - thanks for the help. I think I have started a discussion, too! Unfortunately I THOUGHT it was in a group about people wo love dogs, but I think in fact it was a group for people who care for diabetic dogs. Does it matter? Can’t all dog lovers be together? Or am I messing things up? MISTAKE WOMEN, that is me. I have decided to leave my funny photo b/c often my head is only half there!

Actually, that helped me too. Thanks Manny

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