Bringing A1c down gradually!

I thought I was doing great over a a 4 month period bought my A1c down from 9 to 7.4 and I probably in the 6’s right now. Doing all this in anticipation of my pump which has arrived just need to schedule training. Blew out part of my left eye last week and have spent most of this week with laser treatments and more to go next week.They tell me the culprit is a rapid change in pressure in my eye due to increased control in a short amount of time. My response to the doctors was you got to kidding me right. So just a word to the wise bringing yourself into tight control needs to be a gradual event and not overnight/ work with your endo folks on the time frame. I didn’t really check with my endo folks just started working with my dietician and nurse diabetic trainer and counting carbs and balancing my insulin intake - which I think is still was the right thing but just plan this these changes with your doctor.

I wish someone told me too! I didn’t have any bleeders in my eyes until I started getting my a1c down (too quickly apparently). Now I have small ones. I didn’t need laser treatment at the time but will in the next year or so. Good job on doing the right thing, it is always something with diabetes, isn’t it?

Yes. I have heard of this happening many times. It’s very important to keep in close contact with your eye doc while bringing your AlC down.