Eyes, A1C's and baby making!


I had my blood work done about a week or so ago. Everything looks good but my cholesterol. Its hardly fair. I gave up all fast food and my body really misses the french fries, but apparently, my arteries have hung on to the last batch i ate. Since I want to start trying for a baby soon, my endo doesnt want to start me on any meds... so I am taking fish oil pills... we shall see if they work in 3 months! A1C is 6.7! YAY!! I am happy with that number but I would like to get it closer to the 5's before we start trying. I think i am just going to bolus like I am already housing a little alien in my belly and see how tight I can get my control without passing out from a low.

A week later, i went for the anual eye exam I have been avoiding for 2 years. I hate going to the eye doctor. My eyes are fine. I can see great. I can sit in MSG and look across the ice and see the section # directly across from me. I am the last one in my family not wearing glasses. I tell myself this every year and somehow manage to talk myself right out of going for the eye exam. This time, I figured my endo would beat me to death if i didnt at least have an appointment scheduled. So off to the eye doctor I went, Have i mentioned I HATE going to the eye doctor. I dont like have pupils like dinner plates, i dont like drops in my eyes, I dont like the bright lights or anything else that happens in the course of an exam. But I sucked it up and didnt complain. My pressure is good, reading vision ROCKS and my distance is close to perfect but not quite.

I wasnt nervous going in to this appointment. Not like I am when I see my endo. I swear that A1C is like the freaking SAT's. I get so stressed out. "Maybe i am not doing as good as i thought... maybe i didnt test at the right times and i missed a lot of high numbers..." All this and more runs through my head. But i never seem to stress about the eye doc. UNTIL I am in the office of course. Then its like "Well, how is the pressure. Well... is anything in there bleeding???? TELL ME NOW!!!" At least the eye doc is instant gratification. I didnt have to wait a week to find out my results.

So 3 more months and one more A1C test and I may get the green light for baby making... Is it too early to stress out about all that comes along with that??? I suppose... thank god for this place. I can vent and I dont need to explain A1C, retinopathy, hypos, hypers and the fact that the Atkins diet isnt a cure for any disease... Thanks Manny!!!


Congrats on the A1c! Hopefully you’ll be able to start the baby making process soon :slight_smile: I’m blogging about my experience with a type 1 diabetic pregnancy at HealthCentral.com… I’m 22 weeks along! It’s a lot of work, but very doable. Good luck with everything!!