Broken piece of Dexcom sensor inside my arm

So last week my sensor worked for abotu a day and a half. Then Dex said "Sensor Error #1". That means the sensor can't calibrate. When I took the sensor out, it seemed odd there was a lump on my arm where the sensor was inserted. When I commpared it to the previous sensor, I realized I lost about 1/8 inch of sensor missing (passed the wrapped part of the probe).

So, I proceeded to do an internet search and discovered that there are problmes with the probes breaking off in the arm and because of multiple complaints, Dexcom had to start instructing people to not wear it on the arm. Also, if I tell Dexcom that a piece broke off in my arm, they have to report it to the FDA. I called Dexcom and said I had no idea what I did wrong. THey asked me about the error code, the lot number of the sensor, and then said they would send me a replacement. They didn't give me the third degree like Navigator used to. I guess they don't want to know so they don't have to report it.

I have a few questions: "I prefer to wear my sensor on my arm. What can I do to prevent from losing more probe pieces under the skin?" "What did I do to break it?" and "Should I go to the doctor to try to get the rest of the probe from my arm?"

Are you in pain? Can you get it out of you? I've not tried using the Dexcom on any other part of my body. I only use my stomach area. I just had an Error 1 while I was on a train without my Dexcom Booklet. I was guessing that I had it in too long at that point(18 days) so I pulled it out. All the parts seemed to come out fine.

Get those parts out of you. I might try the arm, but it's not design for the arm or thigh, just the belly area correct? I'm pushing it with the 18 days. Good luck.

I think there is just as much chance for it to brak in arm or abdomen. I had one break on abdomen and they told me it would work its way out. I never saw it, nd after a few weeks, totally forgit about it. Guess it got reabsorbed or came out and I did not notice. Keep look at site to address any infection ,etc. Maybe a general surgeon can do it in the offfice it if you are feeling the need to get it out?

I heard that when the cannula breaks in your skin it is a 'sterile ssplinter' and will dissolve or come out on it's own and isn't harmful. If it hurts I guess I might see about having it removed but otherwise you prob don't need to worry. I have no idea why it would break off. Could it have gotten brittle somehow? Stored in a hot or too dry place maybe? There is a Facebook page for Dexcom useers. You might ask there. Good luck.

Thanks. I will try that facebook page.

It doesn't hurt. I was just a little creeped out by it being stuck in there.

I cringed as i read this (hasn't happened to me..... yet) BUT actually sighed with relief when i read "sterile splinter". Yikes and please let us know what happens!

+1. I've gone through over 30 sensors and haven't had any issues yet.

I had one in my arm and one in my abdomen both were painful and I ended up with a lump/inflammation as well as a rash, fortunately none of them broke off inside me- if it were me I would get it removed just in case it does cause some sort of infection. Plenty of people use their arm/thigh as a site and they said this would be more accurate, however that wasn't the case for me. I just found it too painful to do anymore so I returned it.

I had the same thing happen to me and my arm has hurt ever since and it has been 3 months. What did you end up doing?

@Dan2 This is an old thread, I’m not sure the original poster is still around? Maybe someone else has had some experience to give you a reply.

Especially since it’s hurting, I would go to the doctor who will send you to a surgeon. As long as they can find it, it can be removed.

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