Dexcom g5 numbers inaccurate

When I inserted a sensor in my arm a couple of days ago it gave a pinching sensensation especially when flexing. I was getting ??? symbols of and on throughout the day. Today when I woke up it was accurate but 3 hours after eating it said I was 9.0mmol. When I tested I was actually 6.1mmol. That is a huge difference, especially for me as I am very sensitive. I think it is in a muscle. What should I do?

Call Dexcom Technical Support.

Tell them you think it was an insertion problem.

They likely will tell you that the arm is not a supported location but will probably send you a new sensor anyway (which may take ~ 10 days to arrive). They will ask the date you inserted, the sensor lot number and sensor expiration date. They may or may not request you to send the sensor back (in a prepaid package they would ship out).

Pull the sensor and replace it. Not worth it trying to use a sensor you have no faith in.

My opinion.

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Yes, I did that. My assumption was correct. It was in a vein. I called dexcom support and they said will send me another one. My transmitter battery was too low to insert another one. My husband is trying to replace the batteries in the transmitter without any luck. The last try we did didn’t work. We think that the batteries were a little weak. I will be without my cgm for a little while as we wait for the new batteries to arrive. I wish they didn’t make such lifesaving technology so expensive!!

I have some excellent news!!! It worked this time!!! The prong that holds the battery in place snapped but my husband soldered it together and it worked!!! I am so glad we didn’t have to dish out 800$ for a new transmitter. I won’t be able to use it till tomorrow as the proxy is drying.

I’ve used Dexcom for years with no problems, but this December I had two transmitters (sent at the same time) that died prematurely. The first transmitter I had been using for about 45 days. The second one died in the first week. Both times Dexcom sent me a replacement transmitter overnight. There may be more bad transmitters out there. Always call Dexcom.

I’m sure I had mine for the length of time that guarantee it. I just wish that it wasn’t so expensive, but everything having to deal with diabetes is.