Brother and Sister Day

At the Simmons house, every August 22nd, our children celebrate "Brother & Sister Day."

It was 4 years ago when Georgie & Gillian told us one August morning,

"We want to start a new holiday. It's called brother and sister day! Every year on August 22nd we will make it a special day where we just play together and do cool stuff, but just us. No other friends or anything! Isn't that cool?"

My wife and I were a little curious as to where they came up with this and why August 22nd? Georgie said, "Well, we have mother's day and father's day but no Brother and Sister day. And since our birthdays are both on the 22nd of our months, August is kind of in the middle so we thought that would be good."

Keep in mind that George was 9 and Gillian was only 5 when they came up with this. They were so excited!

The first annual Bro and Sis day consisted of playing in the sprinklers, watching movies, playing board games, and switching bedrooms for the night.

4 years later and the tradition that they started continues.

Gillian told me that they are planning on filming a movie that they have been talking about. We shall see.

George had told us when planning began for this special day that He and Gillian have talked about keeping this tradition going even into their adult years. He said that when they have their own families they will take a day, just the two of them, and hang out together and just enjoy each others company.

I think I am gonna call my sisters and see how they are doing today.

What a great idea! I think we might have to start celebrating this holiday as well!

George, seriously, that is so freakin’ awesome I can’t stand it!

I think that is soo sweet and something they will always cherish. August 22nd is the perfect day also! My niece was actually born on August 22, 2006. So yeah I probably am a littled biased about that!