My tribute to my AMAZING! BROTHER:)

Today marks the day of many challenges.My brother was born today36 years ago.We were blessed with my brother. What was a happy day:). Who knew that he would end up with lots of winding roads to face with DIABETIES!.But that did not keep him down. He only made it a challenge. Started playing soccer,baseball. Tradeing that in for bikes. From BMX, TO MOTOCROSS, TO SKATEBOARDING, AND NOW down hill raceing. To even death valley with dad:).Who knew???Then march 94. This day sticks out in my mind because it was my turn to end up in icu. After working that day with a 64oz lemonade from Nathans. Was not a good sign when mom picked me up. I knew were i was headed. My blood test came back i was 10064. My brother could not even say good bye that day.He knew what i was about to be faced with.Well I JUST WANTED TO LET HIM know on this day and everyday. I Was blessed when he was born. Because I COULD Not have faced this challenge if i did not go though it with him first to face this journey. Take Care . and god bless you today and every day till OUR WISH COMES TRUE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY MORE YOUR MYINSPIRATION LOVE YA , LOTS SIS

Hi Melissa:

Although it is unfortunate that he and you were
dxd. with Diabetes, I’m Glad that he is there for
you to learn from his experiences and also, so
you’s can support each other.

A Big Happy 36th Birthday to your Amazing
Brother and a Thank You to him. :o)