Bubbles in pen fill cartridges

hello peeps,

just wondering if anyone else has had this proble; i use novorapid and levemir from a novopen 4, and in both cartridges, bubbles of air keep appearing. I try to get rid of them, by tapping the cartridge and pushing out insulin, like the instructions say, but normally the bubbles just stays put even if i expell 30u. Also the bubbles are quite large, and they never seem to go when priming the needle. Anybody encountered this as well?


The bubbles are hard to expell because the needle is sticking into the vial. To remove the bubble I remove the needle. Then I will point the pen upwards and snap with the finger against the pen. Then I will dial and push two units in this position. The vial is now under pressure and is still pointing upwards. Finally the needle is put on slowly. The pressure will squeeze the bubble out.

To prevent the bubble you should always remove the needle after the injection. It is no coincidence that this is recommended in the description of the Novopen 4. The mechanism of this pen has the tendency to move the plunger slightly while the pen is transported. The minimal movements of the plunger cause the needle to drag air into the vial.


Thankyou very much for the info, thats really helpful, i’ll try it now