Today, I just got the device needed to make the carelink program work for my pump. I spent a while just trying to make it work. Then I discover that the data isn’t presented in a organized way. All I wanted was to see BG, Carbs, and Insulin over the course of my meals and 2hr posts for 4-5 days. Something presented in a spreadsheet type way. OH :frowning: well I guess I’ll go back to writing down my BGs.

I feel your frustrated!!! I order the software for my POD and I can’t get it to work!! GRRRRR

Did you export the dataand try tomanipulate it in excel or some such? I haven’ttried that yet,as I still keep a written log and use the printe out so the doc can read without too much trouble…

Well to answer Denise, I had already given up with it. My dad tried it out, but its to much a hassle.