MM Paradigm and CGM users....What reports do you bring with you to the endocrinologist?

Other pumpers may have other softwares, I don’t know about them. I have been using the Paradigm for a few months with Carelink software, and like the ability to print out fancy reports for my Endo… but we’re both a little unsure of what the best reports are. Sometimes I feel like I could help Medtronic design a better one. What do you guys like the most?

I like parts of all of them, but my endo dowloads my pump everytime I go, so I only take my written log book with me (yep I keep one)-it has things in it that the pump does not–and he says he can tell by what/how I write my genereal frustration (or not) level :slight_smile: and state of my life (year ends work wise tend to many scantly filled out and blank pages)

My endo has my username and password so they will pull a couple of reports before I get there. I think they pull the Model Day BG by Hour and Trends Summary. I usually look at the Model Day by Hour b/c it gives me all my reading and averages.

Your endocrinologist should have CareLink Pro (professional) which gives the different printout from what you have, and it has all kind of options. So you do not have to bring any reports for your doctor. But if you download your pump ahead of appoinment they saves them some time, or they can review it in advance to discuss with you at the appointment. Also if you have problems in between appoiontment they can assess you data via CareLink.

No, I keep a log book too… it helps me with diet and any extreme circumstances that explain wacky sugars and such. I designed my own, actually, and had it printed out by a company. I will always love the old-fashioned log book.

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Does Carelink import data from other sources? I’ve checked the MM website and have not been able to track down any information. I presently use an OmniPod and download my data to the Copilot system. I would like to explore the reporting/number crunching options in Carelink with my existing data.

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it’s interesting, i’ve been pumping for 12 years and never once has my endo mentioned downloads. i print out readings from my meter and summarize pump stats (daily average, TDD, avg high/low). what, exactly, is carelink? a subscription service? is it free? what? any details appreciated.

thanks. i’ve been using MM for 12 years and nobody ever mentioned it. doesn’t sound that useful, to be honest, so maybe my ignorance is a blessing.

I like the idea of uploading my MM 522 to my puter. I have an educator and he reads the reports when I occasionally have to see him. Educator taught me how to read the reports. I’m able to make adjustments when needed. My endo hasn’t seen a log book in years (and it’s been years since I’ve kept a log book). If I have any problems he depends on my going to educator to help with problems (and using my judgment to know when something is wrong).