Recording results (im a pump newbie)

I wondered if anyone had a recommendation for logging results in diary form ...

(I have my carelink set up with medtronic but Im not always online to add daily results)

help appreciated :-) Thanks all xx

Hey totally NEW here but lookin’ round I found this thread and may be other info for logging for ya

Couple other links on the thread as well.…

BTW I just got my pump …Minimed VEO and it sounds like I may be one of the first around B.C Canada with

a medtronic VEO. They have just been approved here in Canada.

I have done all the online courses and I’m waiting …hopefully before next YEAR,to be set up on it.

It looks easy now But I sure was intimidated last week when I got it.

I think you should always use the dosage wizard of the pump. This way important information is documented by the pump: blood glucose, carbs, dosage for correction, dosage for carbs. The only missing information is physical activity. With carlink you can analyze your data. In addition to that you can export your carlink data as an csv file and import it into our Glucosurfer project. This way you will get a different view on your data through our unique charts AND you can share you diary with us here on TuDiabetes. Hopefully in times of crisis we can support you by looking at your data.

Just another site ,although it’s computer access again .

Hope some of this helps

Hello John, the Exercise Marker is new to me. Could you do me a favor and check if this marker is also present in the csv export of the CareLink site? So far I was not aware that this info could be part of the data export.

Thanks for your suggestions everyone…I have carelink set up so I can download pump info regularly- but for day-to-day I like to have a paper log that I can carry around with me…

I found one to be quite useful but tbh I am thinking I’d be better creating one myself to store all the info I want to keep…thanks everyone…really helpful xx

1type2go - you will do really well - I was terrified before I started as I had been on injection regime’s for about 29years…it is amazing how quickly you can ‘get your head round it all’ :slight_smile:

Keep me posted when you do the switch :slight_smile: Helz xx

Thanks, I have found an example in the uploaded files. It is in the column Raw-Type which is set to JournalEntryExerciseMarker. It think it would make sense to convert this marker to something like physical activity level = high in the Glucosurfer log.

Thanx for the thoughts and I found a sheet I’ve used 10 years ago …but it’s great ,I don’t have a scanner so I’ll try to explain it

Date\bkfstBG\insulin\CHO\2hrBG\Lunch BG\insulin\CHO\2hrBG\Dinner BG\insulin|CHO\2hr BG\bedtmBG\insulin\Any snacks\3AM BG\Excercise\Any comments\

The best form I’ve had to use !