Bump and itchy after removing infusion set

After changing sites, I always swab the area with alcohol wipe and put on a band aid with a dab of triple antibiotic. I still get little hard bumps as well as itching on old sites. Is this an allergic reaction? How can I avoid it? I use Inset 90’s. Are there any better infusion sets for sensitive skin? I have problems with other things too, like jewelry and eczema. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts.

What do you use, if anything, to prep the skin before insrtion of the set? I use IV Prep. There are others like Skin Prep that can help. You might have an alergy to the adhesive in the set. Have you tried different sets? I get the bumps as well, but they do not usually itch, though sometimes the area gets red around the old site (to the keft of belly button - not to the right - strangely enough). There are other products some folks use on skin before inserting. Perhaps they can comment…

I’ve had redness and swelling at my infusion sites but they didn’t itch. A recent switch from Novolog to Apidra solved my problem. I’m curious, what insulin do you use?

I use Novolog. Usually no problem itching - just about once a month…

I get itchey after changing out a site and sometimes it is with sites that were changed 3-4 times earlier. I’ve started to use Jason’s Tea Tree gel and rub it into my sites. I use Neo on a fresh site but the Tea Tree stuff after day one. It not only sooths the site but also helps heal a bit faster. I found this out by accident. I use this on my fingers to help my fingers heal and now it works on my bumpy sites…
here is where I found the best price

Good Luck !

I get an itchey bump if I leave the site in too long and I’ve had to bolus frequently for what ever reason. The lower my TDD, the longer the site absorbs and the less problems i have with it.

Thanks for all the responses guys. I have had less problems as I switch my sites from my stomach to my sides and lower back and upper bum. It works a lot better there, skin seems less sensitive. I just started using IV Prep and I love it so much more than alcohol swabs. The stickyness helps.

My Dexcom rep suggested applying cortisone creme over the adhesive strip on my dexcom sensor and since I started oding that I have done it on my infusion sets too and it works wonders! Itch disappears.

How often do you change your site? I’m only a week old at this and I am on my 4th as I was directed to change every 2 days. The girl I work with changes every 3 days 4 tops. I think 3-4 would match my cartridge change the best. I use the Ping which only holds 200 units but after priming and stuff it’s usually down to 180-184 to start. That’s lasts 3-4 days.

The reason I ask though is my 1st site started bruising b4 I changed it and my 2nd was really sore. The 3rd was great. Those were all 90s. Now this 4th one I decided to try the 30 and it get’s sore at times and it’s just a day old.