Itchy and red around pump sites

I’ve had this problem on and off to a minor degree since starting the pump. Most often, my sites would just itch after removal and get a bit bumpy and red.

But lately, the past few weeks to a month, I’ve been getting really bad reactions to my current site after 1 to 2 days. In a nice circle around the infusion set, I will get bright red and itchy and also little bumps that looks kind of like insect bites. The bumps, the itchiness, and the redness come and go a bit. Until soon my BG starts inclining despite lots of correction bolusing and no food and I have to change the site.

Did I suddenly develop some kind of allergic reaction? Or do I have a special case of bed bugs that crave insulin (LOL)?

I use Minimed Quicksets with IVPrep on insertion. Apidra insulin. Two days ago, I tried a Sure-T set to see if that would help, and it seemed better until this afternoon–and I had to change the site tonight. I put in another Sure-T, this time covering with IV3000 (the adhesive wasn’t sticking well in the last one).

I also wear the Minimed CGM, and though I sometimes get red and itchy on the corners of my IV3000 over the sensor, it has not been a major problem like my pump sites lately.

Also, my old pump sites are not healing well. I can see my last three–they are still red with a bump.

UGH. Other than when my sites go bad, my BG has not been in bad shape. Well, except during this fiasco–which amusingly improved after I made that post. Still seems related to bad pump sites…

I’m going to try and see a dermatologist. Maybe they will have suggestions…

Have any of you had similar problems? What did you try to help alleviate the reactions?

Have you tried another barrier between your skin and the quickset? Often times that sort of reaction is to the adhesives, and another adhesive might not cause that. You can try tegaderm patches or IV3000. You apply the tegaderm or IV300 patch and then insert your site right on top of it. I think you can get some samples from Minimed.


I would echo Ruth’s comments. I had real problems some years back w/ the older MM infusion sets and then when they changed the adhesive - newer Quicksets - it stopped. I still occasionally will get some reactions (bumps, red, itchy) but, not nearly as often. I would try switching up some of the barriers you are using…or try going back to using nothing to see if it is one of the dressings or adhesives. I get reactions (significant) to Polyskin II and lesser so to IV3000. What changed a few months ago when you started having some of these issues? Was it the switch to Apidra? or a type of dressing? Just some thoughts to consider. I would talk w/ your Endo or nurse educator first, before having to pay to see a Dermatologist. Sounds like they may be able to help you. Take care:)