Burning Feet?

When i go to bed my feet are ALWAYS burning, tingly and red, especially when i get up during the night, my toes also often turn a purplish color, i use to just think it was the way my skin was. But this burning feet thing is this common for Diabetics, does anyone else get this? I maintain my blood sugars well and have only been diabetic for 8 years, but my feet are just so damn sensitive, I really hope its not Neuropathy.

The way to find out what’s going on, is to go visit your doctor. You may only need support stockings. That’s my guesstimate.

I agree with BBach - go to the Endo/CDE or whoever’s helping you do so well with your A1c! You know, tho, it’s cold in Canada. The foot’s circulation needs stimulating - massaging. The skin needs creaming - lots. Working in that cream can help your circulation and giving the feet a good massage with the cream may help. The foot needs warmth at night - get a pair of those velour warming socks. I think they are for apres-ski. When you get up at night your toes are telling you they need warmth. Give them warming. What exercise do you get for your foot and leg muscles? Maybe a little dancing would get those muscles to help your circulation! And go to the Endo soon for a bit of an update on what’s happening there. These other ideas are just for the interim. Tell us all what happens!


I have never experienced any burning are tingling in my toes. You may be experiencing diabetic neuropathy. I am not a doctor but it sounds like peripheral neuropathy, it’s when the longest nerve in the body is being affected. The most common neuropathy in diabetics, you should consult with your physician. He or she will be able to run the test needed to see if neuropathy is truly the cause.