Signs of Neuropathy?

I have had Type 1 diabetes for 13 years. Have been using an insulin pump for a little over 3 years(since 2008). I believe I am beginning to show having signs of neuropathy, but not quite sure.

In my right leg, in my thigh, on the side, I will sometimes have a tingling sensation that will come and go, lasting just a few minutes and then goes away. This morning it was so bad that it felt as though it was burning me. I have a high tolerance for pain, and this time it hurt. Usually this just annoys me with the tingling, but this time it was a burning sensation. It only lasted maybe 3-5 minutes.

On another occurance, back in early May, I was at my son’s varsity baseball game, sitting on the concrete ground, taking pictures. I sat with my right leg bent and sitting under me and sat like this for a while. I felt my foot going to sleep, so I got up and starting walking around, thinking that my foot would “wake up”. Well, really, my foot never “woke up”. It stayed numb or “asleep” feeling for a while and am just now getting the feeling back in my right foot. But then, there is that numbness, tingling, and sometimes burning sensations in my leg. Before sitting like this, I had no problems with my leg or my foot and had no problems with any of the tingling, burning sensations.

I go to my endocrine specialist every 3 months, and my next scheduled appt. is Aug. 1. I plan to explain to them what is going on, and try to find out what is going on.
In the meantime, if anyone can give me some sort of explanation and share some information on this, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks-

I’ve been type 1 for 34 years, the anniversary of the first shot was last Thursday!

I can relate to everything you describe. numbness and tingling patches, burning and outright pain. talk to your endo, as far as I know there is no definitive cure/prevention. But I find heavy doses of Evening Primrose Oil have a positive effect. Try about 6000mg 3 times a day it’s not an overnight cure, it could take months but if this is the very beginning for you your body may be more receptive.

I’m not a physician, just talking from experience based on advice given by from my endo back in the 90s.

I suffer from really bad diabetic peripheral neuropathy, with really painful feet; burning and tingling sensation, nonstop, 24/7. My doctor prescribed 1000 units of Vitamin E and 1000 units of Vitamin D; and this has seemed to help. I also take a lot of all of the Vitamin B’s. I also take a prescription nutritional supplement called Metanx, and this also seems to help. There really is no cure for diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain; just a lot of treatments.

I think it could have been from the way you were sitting. It can take months for feeling to come back if you have sat or lain on something wrongly.

Another thought as it is in your thigh, is that it could be a form of sciatica - a pinched nerve somewhere in the spine, or a bulging disc. You do not say if you have weird feelings in your hands, lower legs (that is a typical place, you get itching and the feeling of insects crawling from your toes to your knees - almost as if you are wearing a sock of insects). Flashing pains are usually, but not always a sign of a pinched nerve.

Sensations of neuropathy are often 24/7 without a break. However, it is always good to check with your endo, a podiatrist and a neurologist to check. Possibly even a chiropractor.

BUT, I could be wrong. I am not an expert, nor will ever claim to be one. The only one who can tell with any certainty and after quite a few tests, is a neurologist (I thought he was someone who was supposed to be something like a psychiatristwhen I first went to see one!)

thanks everyone for your responses. :slight_smile:

@latvianchick - no, no weird feelings in my hands, lower legs, arms,…this feeling is just centered on the outer part of my thigh on my right leg, just right above my knee and only goes half way up my thigh. This tingly feeling just comes along every so often during the day and it feels just like fingers tickling or like you said “itching or insects crawling”, but then goes away within just about 5 minutes. This morning I had flashing, burning pain, something I haven’t felt before in that same place, and it only lasted about 5 minutes. All this had not started happening until I sat wrongly in that position for that long while. Like you said, it could just be a pinched nerve.

I will explain to my endo what is going on and we will see what is up.

Sounds like pinched nerves then, but it is always a good idea to run it past the endo and get a second opinion from a neuro - just to be on the safe side. Good luck. Keep checking those sugars and beat the living daylights out of them! It is a bummer, but hey, it makes us stronger - or it can, if we do not let it beat us!

The symptoms sound like neuropathy to me. As already suggested by ‘mistressbinky’, I think you should consider seeing the foot doctor and neurologist.

My first thought is tight belt: lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh. This nerve can be impacted by a tight belt especially in a seated position.

Could be diabetes related but this is not typical for diabetic neuropathy.

This is a really old thread, and the original poster hasn’t posted since 2015, but the problem sounds to me like meralgia paresthetica. I’ve had the same thing for about a year, a triangular area on the outside of one thigh that periodically goes numb and only once has burned. My endo and my family doc say it is definitely not neuropathy.

Meralgia Paresthetica: Pain, Burning, and Numbness in the Outer Thigh

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