Do You Have A Backup?

Gosh, I think it's been six months since I used a syringe. I still keep a bag or two for spares in the event of a pump failure. Anybody else do this?

I have a giant tub with like 3000 syringes in it, just in case. If the %$^& goes down, I will go to the 24 hour Walgreens 1/2 mile from my house and hit the pharmacy and get their stash and stay mobile as long as I can.

we're told to do this...I was told to either always carry a syringe - vial or pen with me when I start the pump, as back up. I also got another vial of levemir, even though I'm going to be pumping soon, as a back up. I can't believe how many supplies one needs for this stupid disease, especially with the pump. as one said on here a while back, sad when every pharmacist at my pharmacy knows me by name..huh!

I always carry a few syringes (and a vial) with me and have found that they come in handy. Lately in fact, I keep hitting bad infusion spots. I obviously need to rotate more but I'm a creature of habit. At these times, I usually do a syringe correction so that I don't have to wait to be certain that the new site works before getting my bg down.

Hey! Where's the hat?

AR...we miss 'THE HAT'... :)

nope I dont have any syringes at home I know super bad idea, but I do have a prescription filled in case I ever need them.. and I have a backup pump with extra supplies in case mine ever goes out.. only extra things I carry with me when I go out are two extra pods & insulin ONLY in the winter, I live in Arizona its to hot in the summer to carry insulin with me even if I carry it on my purse.. and the last time I took shots was about six months ago also, I was put on symlin for a few weeks but before that it had been like 6yrs!

I don't bother carrying one with me. I'm 15 minutes from home @ work and am not in a position where I'm likely to be involved in any sort of emergency duty. If a wierdo breaks into the office and my pump fails, I will have to go after the wierdo. I'm a little rusty but have some experience accessing adrenaline?

Sorry guys, winter was over. It came back but I'll be back to the clean-cut, all-American look when it warms up, probably a couple of weeks.

Yes , I do carry a needle and vial in my meter kit ..will use a needle when BG measures over 10 ( x18 ) ...have not experienced pump failure ;am pumping since 2001 . When on vacation I take several needles ; getting into this routine has served me well .

I always carry my open bottle of insulin and a few syringes. I have had
a couple of pumps fail, but when my BG will not come down I will do a big
revenge bolus using a syringe sometimes it's just the best thing to do.

I probably have enough supply's to go a never know when those
darn Zombies will show up.

Funny you. You cracked me up with the "If the %$^& goes down" comment. I live in Big Earthquake Country. When I was participating in a packaged food diet program, we used to joke that when The Big One hit, there'd be a race to see who could get to the office first to break in, clean them out and stockpile cases of their shelf-stable food for the coming famine. Someone else told me that I should buy a few boxes of .22 rounds, because "when The Big One hits, .22 calibre bullets will be the new money". Oy. I think I'd rather take my chances than turn into a girl who hoards bullets. (!) But hoarding at least a little bit of insulin and some syringes sounds like a fine idea. Maybe I'll get one bottle each of R and N from Wally-World and just have them in the fridge, just in case the world falls down. It could buy me some time.

We have tornadoes here, but they are only maybe a mile wide at the most and, since there's a Walgreens every 1.5 miles, I should be ok?

LOL ! Maybe you could stockpile a few syringes and some R and N in a mini-fridge in your basement bunker? And a triple-wrapped jumbo bag of jelly bellies? Just to help you on your trek to the next Walgreens over? However, I figure with my luck, The Big One with hit while I'm 15 miles away at IKEA and I'll be buried in orange plastic storage boxes -- or on the ferry to Bremerton and I'll get turned into orca food -- and all my well-laid plans will be for naught.

I have syringes in the closet with a bunch of other expired old timey stuff. I used to donate my old pump but since they don't take them anymore I put mine in the closet with the syringes. That is my back up now.

Yes indeedy. I have a few syringes with me at all times and a baggie of a bunch at home. They certainly have come in handy!

I always carry a Humalog pen with me.

I live in earthquake territory, too. I used to carry a pencil case full of emergency stuff "just in case" but I've kind of slacked off lately because I like my smaller purses! I do still carry an insulin pen everywhere, though, because if I have a pump/site issue my BG and ketones get really high within a few hours.

At home I keep some Lantus and Apidra around, but I keep them in my fridge which probably isn't the greatest idea seeing as the kitchen would be the area most likely covered in broken glass after an earthquake ... I just haven't thought of a better place to keep it where it'd be easy to grab.

I don't have 3000 syringes like ar, but I do have 100+. I always take a bunch with me if I'm going on vacation, and use them if I'm super high. I seem to come down faster if I inject a little in a few different spots than infusing it all with the pump. I have a packed kit with enough extra stuff to last a couple of days that is supposed to always be with me, but I don't take it unless I'm more than 1/2 or so from home.

Upon reflection, it seems to me that there ought to be some kind of networking -- among T1's especially -- so whoever still has a fridge standing can help out the other folks in their sector until the cavalry arrives. Do you have any T1 friends who live nearby?

As a T2 who is still getting "juice" from her beta cells, I'd probably be OK for some time as long as I kept moving, ate as little a possible, and could get drinking water. T1's have a whole different level of need in a crisis, so as I've said before, if I encountered one struggling in the ruins, I'd give them my insulin, no questions asked.