Byetta is working for me!

After experiencing dawn phenomenon readings averaging 160 forever,I finally talked my doctor into letting me try Byetta. I started July 27th and after experiencing mild headaches and jitteriness for the 1st two weeks,everything has settled in.Zero lows and morning readings of maybe 110 now. Readings after healthy,moderate carb meals are 160 or so,two hrs after which they drop quickly. I've discontinued Januvia,and take 10 mg.Glipizide XL in the morning along with 2500 mg.of Metformin spread out over three intervals daily.
One of the most enlightening benefits of much lower readings is the cessation of the need to urinate every two hrs or so. I sleep through the night only needing to get up once now(pretty good for a 62 yr old guy.)
Anyway,I'm stoked and hope the introduction 5mcg dosage will continue to do the job for me. I can slow my monitoring to 3X daily and no feel like a pincushion anymore.
I'm blessed with excellent insurance which covers my meds with a moderate copay.