Byetta, victoza, bydureon, tanzeum and trulicity popular/favorite?

Byetta, Victoza, Bydureon, Tanzeum and Trulicity…twice a day with Byetta, once daily Victoza and the other 3 are taken once a week.

My doctor says I can take one of these. I am wondering if others have taken any of these and pros/cons? I am on insulin but considering another medication to help potentially with weight loss better glucose control.

He said Byetta has side effects and others less side effects…looking for some help on the forum on these medications…

I took Byetta and Victoza some years ago. I had mild nausea, but nothing really much. Both drugs worked great for me for a short time but did work after a couple of weeks. On the other hand I know lots of people who found these drugs (GLP-1) to work wonders. Today, if I considered taking them again I would take a once a week drug and see if it worked.

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I haven’t used any of these. However, they are all analogues of the same type of hormone (GLP-1 agonist). While there are certainly differences in the way they work, they all help with glucose metabolism (and weight loss in some ways) in the same manner. If one of them works, might just be trying to find the best one that works. That being said, I know insurance companies tend to prefer one of these over the other (depends on the pharmacy management contracts), so you might check first as to what your insurance covers.

I used daily Victoza initially, and honestly don’t recall good/bad issues. Switched to once-weekly Bydureon and enjoyed modest weight loss/glucose control improvement plus hellacious reflux and constipation! Luckily, my insurance stopped covering Bydureon and I switched to Trulicity, which I love! Works well for glucose control with (for me) far fewer gastrointestinal issues. I know some on TuDiabetes have reported bad GI issues with Trulicity, but that’s my story, ‘n I’m stickin’ with it! Good luck!

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Onglyza a dpp4 inhibitor has made a huge difference for me. Along with that I take metformin and a sulfa.

I am starting my third dose,week, on trulicity. I am not seeing much of anything. I did well on Victoza ,insurance stopped covering it. Nancy

Trulicity worked ok for me the first few weeks but I think I only lost 1-2 pounds. With Victoza, I am at 10 pounds LOST!! in 5 Weeks!! I am not very hungry and the heartburn has subsided. Food is not very appealing and my tastes are very different now. Only yogurt and soft foods seem more appealing. I have stopped eating meat. I am still tired.

I wonder if there is another medicine similar to Victoza that might be covered with your insurance? It is such a game to figure out what works and jump thru all the hoops. It really tires me out. Can you use the Victoza coupon?

Hi, y’all! I commented in July 2017 about my love affair with Trulicity. I still use it and get good results. However…I now consistently get nauseous ~48 hours after my injection! Nothing serious, and usually resolves after some ginger (gum or tea). The only other difference in me is weight loss—~25 pounds—which suggests symptoms are dose-related. Since docs frequently increase dosage “until it works”, maybe dosage should go lower for severe symptoms.

In my case, it still works, I’m sticking with it!