Type 2 and New to Trulicity ?... once-a-week shot replaces daily Victoza and Byetta shots

My doctor just started me on Trulicity this past week. I have been Type 2 for 13 years and have been unsuccessful at getting my A1c below 7.0. I had been taking a shot of Victoza in the a.m. and of Levemir just before bedtime. I also take oral meds Januvia and Metformin. I took my first Trulicity injection on Thursday and today woke up today (Saturday) with a headache but with a reading of 97 mg/dL. (Not really sure where the headache came from; side effect?) That’s one of my best a.m. readings. I know it’s too soon to retest for A1c improvement, so I was wondering if someone could share their Trulicity results with me. Taking the daily Victoza shot made me feel in control of my dosage, whereas a once-a-week shot seems, well, at least at the present time, mysterious. I mean: Is Trulicity really working and is it an improvement over daily Byetta or Victoza? Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences with this new drug treatment.



Sorry I can’t answer your question Tony. I have heard of Trulicity but haven’t seen anyone post about it.

It sounds like you are off to a good start. 97 is pretty good for a morning reading. If 97 is drastically lower than you are used to it might be a source for the headache but who knows. Headache is not listed as one of the side effects of Trulicity

Please keep us informed how it is working for you

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Thanks for reply, Gary. Will do.

There are a few posts in re: Trulicity and LADA, which I don’t believe is my type of diabetes.

I think Trulicity is once-a-week Byetta, it’s from E.J. Lilly. The headache was more likely from sinuses, but when you’re on a new med, anything different is noteworthy.

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A.M. Results have been promising. Average over the last 30 days was 124 when I started, now 113; last two weeks 108. Moving downward.

I’m having a better result with Trulicity (dulaglutide) than with daily Victoza (liraglutide). It’s also great to move to a once-a-week shot in the morning, as I have to take a Levemir shot every evening. I’m anxious to see what my next A1c reading will be in 2 months. (Last one was 7.5. My goal of under 7 has always been elusive…personal best was 7.1.)

It now may be necessary for my MD to lower my Levemir dosage as a few of the a.m. results have been quite low, (e.g., 70, 84) but I have the impression that at last something, some drug, is finally working for me.


Morning results, past 7 days: 78-75-133-106-75-71-76. Average a.m. reading: 98.

Again concerned that I should contact the Dr. to see if he wants to decrease the nightly Levemir injection.

I should note that I have made some dietary adjustments, eating a very light dinner (soup, salad) and have increased daily walking to an average of 3000 steps. (My current walking goal 5500 steps.)

I feel like I’m the only person on this site that’s taking Trulicity. Has anyone else’s M.D. even mentioned this drug?

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Decided to keep adding notes about my progress with once-a-week Trulicity injections on the chance that, as it’s so new a drug, other people may begin using it and want to hear someone else’s experience with the drug, some corroboration of their results, or a place or forum in which to discuss issues with, and concerns about, its use.

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A.M. reading : 72. Is this too low, anyone? Thinking I should notify my M.D. but I’m almost sure he’ll say wait for the results of the next A1c test to see if I’ve finally made it below 7.0.

My next weekly shot is tomorrow, so it seems the drug really hangs in there for a whole week.

An 84 this a.m. Weight down again, too, sbout 7 lbs. trying to lose about 20 to 25 lbs and get my HgA1c below 7.0. Point is to get off some of my meds which have become a financial hardship during the “Medicare Gap.” Following loosely Dr. joel Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live” diet, walking an average now of about 3500 steps a day with periodically reached goal of 6000 steps/day.

Last Trulicity shot was on Thursday, which is the day I chose for my weekly self-injection. It’s great to have dropped the required daily a.m Victoza shot from my daily routine.

Small progress still feels like victory.

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100 this a.m. Late dinner the night before always means a higher morning reading, but the 14 day average still under 100. I still really want to knw if Type 2 really is reversible.

77 this a.m. Happy birthday to me! Now if only my A1c would go under 7.0 and I can get off so many meds!

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112 this a.m. Late night dining again …but the overall average is still pleasing me. Today, increase the exercise. A bit too much fun this weekend, dining out twice… (Wish they’d hurry and complete the blog site so I could journalize.)

Still can’t believe I’m the only person on America on Trulicity (well, at least in this forum.) My doc is up-to-date on all the most recent drugs, so I guess it’s not so improbable.

Happy Sunday, to anyone who might be reading this (on Sunday).


Hey there. I am a type 1 and my doctor asked me if I would be interested in a little off label trial of this to see if it could help me in my goals. Your input on this is awesome and I think your doing great it seems. I am not sure your diabetes is reversable but certainly under control or remission if you will.

Just wondering though did you have any of the side effects I read about a lot of stomach issues did you have these?

Hi, Damon:

I can honestly say I experienced none of the side effects some have reported. My appetite was curbed by Trulicity and reduced food portions actually helped the stomach issues I had BEFORE using Trulicity (indigestion).

I started my other forum topic (“the Secret of My Success”) because so many only write about their negative results. Like you, I want to succeed at controlling diabetes and minimizing any complications. I had some successes with Byetta and then even greater success with Victoza. But the greatest success in morning a.m. B/g readings and weight loss thus far has been with Trulicity. Any side effects in my case have been so minimal as to escape my recognition.

But remember: i also inreased my daily walking and other exercising, watched my diet more carefully, and changed some bad habits (eating late at night, not getting enough sleep). It’s all part of success.

I wish you good luck and hope you have equally good results. Cheers and thanks for writing me. Keep in touch.

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Three-month mark: 7+ lbs. lost; A1c. 6.9, down from 7.5. Super great feeling…to be under 7.0 for the first time ever! Goal achieved!


I should have said “Goal achieved, but cna’t stop there.”


Hi there! I just took Trulicity for the first time Monday. I’ve got type 2 and can’t handle metformin. I also am on arcabose with each meal. A1C is at 7 but my numbers were in 200-300 after stopping metformin and only being on Januvia.

My question: what do you feel immediately after taking Trulicity?

I could feel it move through my blood stream and was essentially drugged for almost an hour, eyes half closed and not able to enunciate clearly. The next day at work was very sluggish, hard to concentrate and I would have rather stayed home.

Does anyone else experience that? Does it get better? Only other side effects seem to be some indegestion and a smaller appetite.

I’m feeling more normal four days after but am kind of dreading Monday.

Thanks. (And thanks for keeping the journal - it was interesting to read!)

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Aside from the diminished appetite, I’ve noticed no side effects at all. I take Metformin and Januvia, plus a shot of Levimir every night. Oh, and Prandin (Repaglinide) before each meal. I would suggest reading the literature that comes with Truliclity as well as talking to the prescribing doctor.

I have to make a correction. With diabetes, our goal is never “Achieved.” Our health is always “A Work in Progress.” I have experienced some successes with the addition of Trulicity into my drug regimen, but it’s a full-time job we’re on.

My daily numbers are up slightly which I attribute to bad food choices, not sleeping enough and not walking 5000-6000 steps everyday. If I can tune up my activity, up my sleep, and make better food choices —especially foregoing late-night snacking. I believe I can maintain my numbers a bit better.

Good luck… give Trulicity a few weeks to realize the benefits.

Hi Tony! I started Trulicity when it came out, Dr just increased my dose. It is controlling my a1c beautifully, along with Faxiga and Glumetza, I just stopped the Glumetza. I have quite a medical history, in short, I was on insulin for 6 grueling years. I was offered the insulin pump from many Drs. I felt it would be my death sentence. I found a new endocrinologist that has been wonderful. He told me “What if I told you I will have you off insulin in 6 months?” I laughed at him!
Well since May, my a1c came down from 10.8 to 7.2.
Lost 49 lbs and have going to the gym. My biggest complaint with Trulicity is terrible constipation, I’m lucky I go 1-2 xs a week(sorry).
I hope to hear back from you, see how things are going. Apple :grin:

Hi, Apple. Glad to hear such wonderful news. I can never figure out which of the many drugs I am taking or which interaction between these might be causing a probllem, so I just deal with resolving the problem in some other way. For example, I found I needed to add more fiber to my diet. Lots of salads and vegetables. Also cut down on spicy foods, meat, and late night snacking. Increased water intake. For the constipation issue, I started taking those Phillips fiber gummies daily. Hope this may help you. Good luck going forward. I hope to get off insulin myself, but you’re way ahead of me on that one! Cheers, Tony

Hi. First night on Trulicity. Slight headache and that " I can feel it run through my veins feeling" but otherwise ok… Already on metformin ER. Dr thought weight loss would help my type 2 because my insulin production is ok. Will keep posting. Last a1c 6.3 I have been as high as 8.1.