Cafe Gratitude

I tried posting this before but it never showed up, so I hope I’m not repeating myself (I am cyberspace impaired). There is a restaurant chain in the San Francisco bay area called Cafe Gratitude, which serves raw vegetarian food. Even if you’re not raw, the food is so delicious it makes you at least consider going raw. I had a Taco Salad which used a walnut-seed mixture to replace meat, and had nacho cheese made out of cashews. My daughter had an enchilada and they also serve ‘live’ burgers and pizza. If I figured it out this time, I’m attaching pictures of our meals. When I eat these kind of raw meals I use about 2/3 less insulin than I would for equivalent cooked meals. The restaurants all have a positive, grateful vibe which might be a little challenging for a negative person, but still well worth it for the amazing food. We also had dessert, key lime pie for me, and coconut cream pie for my daughter. I know I’d be a healthier (and happier) diabetic if there were a lot more restaurants like this. Their website
where you can see the complete menu.
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