Dear and lovely members :)

I’m a little bit sad that our discussions go ahead so slow
I’m still waiting for yours recipes !! 'cause i try all of them :wink:
if you have some great and interesting topics to discuss, please, give a new subject or give me a sign

Hi Patrycja,
I don’t have many recipes because I don’t really like to cook. I’d really like to be a raw vegetarian because I think that is ultimately the healthiest diet, but I don’t have the disciple (yet) to give up some of my cooked comfort foods. There is a neat site, where there are lots of raw vegetarian recipes. Sorry you are not getting much support in your country for being a vegetarian, but I have been a vegetarian for 32 years and there is definitely more support in the world in general now than ever before for this way of eating. PS…eating raw cuts way down on insulin needs…

Cleo, have you seen ? It shows what the family eats almost every day, and Wednesday is always raw. The food is just gorgeous.

thanks Mollyjade…I’m going to add that site to my feeds because I’m always looking for
ideas for the rest of my family (2 vegans & 3 vegetarians)