Call from school

i just returned from daughter (aarushi, 6 year old) school, principal called me that ur daughter is not feeling well .in the morning it was 290(7.30) , i gave her 10 units , 1 more than routine .i rushed to school 5-7 minute way, seeing me she started weeping, teacher told me that she had taken 2 biscits (which she usually do in hypo) and took water, i gave her 2 sip of juice then checked it was 227, i think inspite of taking biscuits ,it took more time to recover from hypo so she confused.
i brought her to home at 11 a.m, school starts at 9 a.m ,…thinking where to make change…i have noticed that at around 6 a.m her reading is 70-100 but after 2 hour( 8 a.m) in the morning it rises…any suggestion from tucommunity pls.

talk to her doctor, you might need to change the long acting dosage depending on what type of insulin you are using. either way the morning dosage might need changing. either way i’d talk with her doct

i got three such type of incidence in last 3 year now iam using 3 time huminsulin R and one basal levamir in evening i met many children in gangaram hospital delhi and IN S.G.P.G.I LUCKNOW u can take advice from pgi chhandigarh in recent i read in news paper stem cell opretion done in pgi chandigarh for permanent cure but i dont know some one in pgi for detail knowledge