Called Minimed Tech Support Today

I was so frustrated. I guess my body has changed slightly since our move. I haven’t found a new job and am probably a bit more sedentary. And my stress level is different. So I backed off by .02 on my carb ratios in June because I was constantly having hypos. But now, I’m running around 200 constantly in auto mode. I haven’t given up yet, because I like the alarms and knowing it should be more even.

So my ratios are 1:8 to 1:10 (at night). Mimicking my old nasal rates. But I have much better blood sugars not in auto mode. I hate that it cuts out micro bolusing if you are trending down at all. And I try to use it, but sometimes just stop for a while because I can’t finagle it enough to be spot on all the time.

Anyway, I called today and asked them to report to R&D that the algorithm is way too conservative and made for a child, not anyone whose had diabetes for longer than 15 years (I’m only 123ish lbs and have had type 1 for 28 years so I shouldn’t be using more insulin that the system allows…but I feel like I am), I said maybe there needs to be a “honeymoon” profile and an “old timers” so that those who have any lowered sensitivity can use this feature successfully. He said he’d heard that before and that our feedback was appreciated and was being applied to future products.

I wonder though, WHY is the micro bolts tied to carb ratios at all? I’ve heard that ideally your bonus to basal ratio should be 50:50, but that has never ever worked for me. I have tons of post meal highs and then crashes in late afternoon and at night when I make them match because it’s just not how I metabolize food.

Does anyone else have detrimental issues making the bonus:basal/microbolus equal? And I just weird?