Whew, I've been on the scruggle bus for a couple of days!

I’m using my 670G, got things pretty under control. Have been doing postprandial insulin dosing to try to minimize high blood sugars. Things were going so well my husband and I were talking about increasing my carb ratios in the afternoons.

Starting Sunday and running through today, my blood sugars have been high and I cannot get them all the way down. It’s starting at 180 and running up to 300 and then back down to the upper 100s, so I feel like my insulin is working (and I’ve changed sites since Sunday too) but the 670G just can’t handle getting it all the way back to normal with the micro boluses.
Today I’m over carb counting, which is supposed to be bad, but I’ve got to try to get it back to normal.

My face is breaking out too. I think I must have a small infection that is messing with my numbers because it’s nuts! I try to handle these things myself, but I’m almost ready to head to my GP and ask for antibiotics…mostly because of the skin breakouts, which often accompany high blood sugars for me.

Anyone ever get days or weeks like this where it just goes haywire?

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That sucks, @laceyma, sorry you’re having such a rough time! Probably everyone can relate. It seems as I’ve gotten older I’m much more prone to these times when my metabolism seems to want to just lock in at a certain (too high) level and refuse to come down, even though I keep hitting it with insulin, until I’m struggling not to resort to the nefarious Rage Bolus. It’s like there’s some threshold that it just doesn’t want to pass. In my case this kind of thing usually seems to be stress-related, but if you’re dealing with some kind of infection that can definitely be a problem too.

Feeble correction bolusing was one of my biggest gripes about the 670 when I was trying it. And you’re right that “shadow bolusing” or deliberately over-stating carbs is not recommended because you don’t want to skew the information available to the algorithm. Better approach would be to just pop out of auto into manual and give yourself a correction dose, then back into auto when it looks like you’re settling down in range.

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Why haven’t I thought to correct out of auto mode?!? Ok, thanks for the tip! I’m doing that now!!!

The hovering at 180-200 might also be me paying too much attention to politics this week. :flushed:

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Blood sugars naturally spontaneously vary in patients, as I well know from keeping exactly the same activity levels and eating exactly the same diet day after day, and yet still suffering the blood sugar rollercoaster. The dermatological symptoms also suggest there may be some hormonal shifts, which are also potential drivers of blood sugar variations.