Calling all babysitters

A little over a year ago, I started an online service matching families with diabetic children with babysitters with diabetes. So many families have contacted me with their stories about how badly such a service is needed. We have a great little community, but we need to spread the word. Sign up to be a babysitter at and you will have the chance to earn some money while helping a family that really needs your help. Thanks!

Hi. I just checked out the site and wanted to say that it seems like an awesome service that you have started.

Hey Kim, your service is excellent and I am glad to say that word of your service is slowly but surely spreading here in Canada. Keep up the great work.

this is fantastic—i think you should post it as a forum discussion so more people can see it…and maybe get it in the parents of children with diabetes forum group too. I even signed up to babysit—Diagnosed at age 4, my mom would have loved this site.

What a very cool service you have set up. A very neat idea. I think it is awesome. I have two children and so far both are diabetic free and I hope it stays that way. Keep up the good work.