How to use your experience managing your diabetes to help others

I did.

When I was in high school I overheard a family complaining about how hard it was to find a babysitter for their daughter who had type 1 diabetes. So I came up with the idea of starting a diabetes babysitting service. It’s called

My school nurse helped me introduce it in NYC and Ii quickly took off! After an article in the Wall Street Journal described it there were so many requests for something similar around the country that my mom and I decided to create a website that would work like Craig’s list and offer a way for families with a child who has diabetes to find babysitters in their city who have experience managing their own type 1 diabetes and the skills to babysit.

With the help of some donations, friends and family, I founded . This is a completely not for profit 501C organization- no fees are charged. Our services are completely free.

The way it works is that teens and young adults who want to put their skills managing their own type 1 diabetes to good use post their profile on the website. Families post their interest in finding a babysitter in their area on the website too. Families contact the babysitters and make their own arrangements with the babysitters. Fees are decided between them.

I’m a Junior in college now and like lots of you really busy with my studies (welll, some parties too!). But if you want to earn some money babysitting, be a role model, and put your skills with type 1 diabetes to good use try using And if you are a family in need of a babysitter check it out as well. The service will be most effective when lots of people know about it and can find a babysitter in their area when they need it. So PLEASE spread the word!

Happy Holidays!

Way to go Kimberly. This is a very good idea indeed.

The most amazing ideas are simple…and fill such a gap in need.
Congrats and good for you!