Calling all industrial designers- make a smaller pump!

Hi all,
I just got back from a beach volleyball day here in Boston and it really got me thinking. These pumps are huge and heavy. I have been on one for 14 years and still struggle with the size of this thing. Especially when summertime comes and we want to wear dresses and bathing suits. There is no where to put this thing.

I have had all my dresses altered to have a hole in the pockets, but this thing just weighs it down. I can shove it into my thigh while wearing some spanx, but in the summer- who wants to wear spanx?!

I feel like there should be another pump designed without the screen and battery. Will be the size of a tube of lipstick. This will save some room right? Make it USB compatible (we sit at a desk all day we can just plug in to charge or when we sleep) as for the screen- we can have an app for that on our smart phone right?

I love my pump, I would not go back to shots BUT these things are too big and too heavy. With all the technology advances coming so fast and furious im disappointed that these have not gone down in size. Its like we are carrying around the first cell phone (size of a shoebox) everyone else is on an iPhone.

If anyone out there has any knowledge of a substantially smaller pump please PM me, I would love to get one. The new “slim” pump I’ve seen advertised is thinner but still too large of an object to be attached to in my opinion. I understand for children they need the screen attached to the pump, but for active adults who have lived with disease since we were children- we need another option- a smaller option.