Calories and exercise

I am trying to lose weight so I went on a diet (obviously)... I have been working out 60-120minutes 4-5days/week for the past 2weeks, cardio and strenght training. I haven't lost any weight but I know it will take time. My concern is that I am not eating, I'm just not hungry. I'm not hitting any lows and I eat when I am hungry but in total I am consuming less 1200calories a day and some days even less than 1000calories and carbs usually between 50g-80g. I don't want to force myself to eat because if I eat when I am not hungry then I have the possiblitly of hitting highs (even if its just protein) and I HATE HATE having to deal with highs. I AM NOT starving myself... I was never able to do it and I never would do it.
Any suggestions on what to do or should I just continue as I am?
Any suggestions for losing weight would also be great :)

Thank you.

I have to tell you. I am not that big a fan of using a calorie deficit to drop weight. But for many you it can work in the short term. The real thing you need to worry about is having too much of a deficit. It is suggested that you not drop more than 500 calories below what you need. If you drop too low, your body will scream "STARVATION" and slow down in order to preserve energy. This will totally defeat all your efforts.

In order to get a rough idea of how many calories you need, you can calculate your BMR, and then scale it using the Harris Benedict equation.

Best of luck. Oh and just so you know, from your picture, you already look slim.

Thank you Brian, both for the advice :)
Sadly I am way below the calorie intake that the 'BMR' suggested and I have a bad feeling that my body has gone into 'starvation' mode because I should have at least lost .5-1lbs in these 2weeks and instead absolutly nothing -___-

I've lost some weight over the years, from 275 lbs in 2005(ish?) to about 185 these days, although it goes up and down still. At the same time, I've also gone from being a couch potato to being pretty active, 5-6x/ week, probably about 48 weeks/ year? The weight loss hss been very slow and, from what I've observed in my diet, I've cut out a lot of carbs. I'm not "low carb" in that I probably eat 100-150 most of the time, with occasional excursions to go higher but I don't eat nearly as many as I used to. 1/2 sandwich instead of a whole sandwich, eggs/veggies @ breakfast, not as much snacking in the evening, cheese/ veggie snacks during the day instead of pretzels, yogurt and other stuff. I think that it's pretty important to eat carbs if you are doing 2 hour cardio sessions, that's like a 1/2 marathon?

I don't have a ton of carbs to work out but I have about 10-12G/ 3 miles and that does ok for me although everyone's mileage is a bit different? It also helps me feel less as if I have diabetes as 12G of carbs/ gatorade station is about what non-D runners would get in their little cup of gatorade too?

i'm on a diet site, they recommend 1200-1550 calories a day for me. i did a 20% under maintenance which resulted in abot 1400 calories so i'll try to stay closer to that(i do exercise a lot)than to the low end. this was very helpful, thanks!

Good job on losing the weight. I know how difficult and frustrating it can be sometimes.
I am not a big carb eater. I like my fruits but I can do without bread, rice and pasta...usually ;)I have such a hard time if I eat to much carbs anyway so its not worth it... But I still ended up gaining a lot of weight because I was so depressed the 1st couple of years I was diagnosed.
Anyway, I try and hit the 1200 or at least 1100 calorie goal on a daily bases but sometimes I just physically cant eat anymore. I just hope I'm not damaging my body :/

Another thing to consider is timing the carbs. One of my friends (who was very close to as big as me but I think I "beat" him by about 10 lbs...) is into P90X. He is ***way*** more ripped than I am but has stuck very closely to their diet plan, I guess for close to a couple of years now, mostly has carbs in conjunction with workouts, I think right after and he also reports eating very "cleanly" as they say. I haven't done that,I think to get the diet instructions, you have to buy the video, but it sort of makes sense in terms of what I've seen w/ diabetes.

I think that as long as your BG is ok and you are exercsing for 60-120 minutes regularly, you are in better shape than about 95% of the people with or without diabetes you will run into!