Camp Hertko Hollow - Childrens Diabetes Camp

You probably are or know a child with diabetes. If not, click on the link above to see the Children with Diabetes website and read a few of their stories. One of my favorites is here:

For 40+ years Camp Hertko Hollow has helped serve over 8,000 youth living with diabetes in Iowa as an educational diabetes management and control program. At Camp Hertko Hollow our mission is to provide an educational and recreational camping program for Iowa’s youth between the ages of 6 and 18 who have diabetes. This camp promotes diabetes management skills to help gain independence and a positive attitude for controlling the disease. Every year over 100 volunteers spend 1-2 weeks of their time at camp and I am so excited to be joining that group in 2010 and currently as a Team Captain during the annual November Fundraiser.

As a Team Captain my goals are to lead and motivate five campaigners in the attainment of the team goal of raising $4,500. This amount provides 6 kids the opportunity to enjoy a week at camp. I am writing to you today asking you to join me in my efforts in helping these kids go to camp.

Since you have diabetes yourselves you know how complicated the disease is as well as how difficult and expensive it is to manage. Many of these parents exhaust their finances simply paying for medical care and supplies for their diabetic child which leaves nothing left for a week at camp. Your campaigning will help support and send a youth with diabetes to Camp Hertko Hollow. The cost of sending one child to diabetes camp for a week is $750 and the majority of campers would not be able to attend if it weren’t for Campaigners like you. As a Captain I will provide you the proven fund raising tools used successfully by Camp Hertko in the past to assist you in reaching your goal. I am hoping each campaigner sets a personal goal of raising $750. If you would prefer to simply donate, rather than participate as a Campaigner, that would be greatly appreciated as well and your donation is tax deductible. To donate online go to and click on “Donate now”. You will be taken to the PayPal website, in the purpose line, simply put “Camp Hertko Hollow - Janette Martens Team Captain”, a little bit goes a long way. If you would like to volunteer at camp with me, (and better yet spend a week or two in Iowa!) please let me know and I can get you in contact with the Director.

I hope that you will consider my request to join me in this fundraising effort.

You can visit Camp Hertko Hollow’s website at I look forward to sharing this exciting opportunity with you.