Can a 14 year old have neuropathy?

First I have to tell you I am Tylers mom ,This is about neuropathy , diabetes is such a hard road to travel just to live even without the complications.
The question I have is Tyler is 14 . Yesterday he had 2 headaches & then about 8:30 PM he said his foot felt funny ,kinda felt like it was asleep then he said just weird, then he said numb . He said it felt that way up past his ankle . My question is can this happen to a 14 year old his last A1C was 7 ? Should I take him to his diabetes doctor or his foot doctor . I will be calling one of them for sure this morning but wanted to know if I am over reacting ,Thanks Jo

I don’t think you are over reacting Jo…Just to be sure, it is still best you see Tyler’s diabetes doctor asap. I think the most common neuropathy found in young Type 1 insulin dependent individuals is called peripheral neuropathy, generally characterized by pain, or burning and partial loss of feeling in the limbs, mainly in the feet and legs.

From what I have been told, it takes years for the body to develop enough nerve damage to actually qualify for neuropathy. But I would definitely call his diabetes doctor and get a referral to a podiatrist that has experience with neuropathy in people with diabetes. Better to be safe than sorry!

I’m like others here - you are not over reacting! So far, after 42 years I’ve never experienced it, and my A1C’s were God knows what in the 60’s -70’s (A1C’s only came around late 70’s). I would go and see a doctor, whoever is quickest to see first (specialists here in Canada can have a long waiting period, but that’s our medical system - maybe different in the US of A).
Take care - and let us know how Tyler is doing!
Anna from Montreal

Hi, I looked at your home page and saw Tyler was dx’d about three years ago. I doubt if he could get this type of complication in such a short period of time. I would, of course, check this out with a specialist. It may take a couple of months to make an appointment. Try not to worry too much during the wait.

Thanks for all the advice .

See his diabetologist.And ask to check his Vitamin D stores,osteomalacia ( defeciency of vit D ) may cause same symptoms you describe.Vit D3 supplemnts cure it, with exposure to sunshine and diet rich in calcium and vit D.