Diabetic neuropathy in a 4 yr old, is it possible?

For a while now Aidan has been waking up almost every night between 1:30-2am, I thought it was just him being lonely. He kicks the blankets off complaining that his feet are hot, he has cuts all over his feet and doesn't complain that they hurt but cries at the smallest scrap anywhere else on his body. Has anyone else gone through this? Going to ask the doctor at this well visit in two weeks, just want to get some opinions before hand.

Possible? yes. Likely? No. But I would not wait until his well visit. He may have some sort of infection — scabies springs to mind.

It does sound like neuropathy. I would bring him to the Dr ASAP.

I don’t think it’s scabies, that itches like crazy.

I’m going to bring it up, he has an appt on Aug 1.

Hm well... I still don't think you should wait.

When this happens to his feet, do you check his blood glucose to see if he's very high? Just a thought that maybe he goes very high while he's sleeping.

That's actually a pretty good thought — Eric is not much older than Aidan and we had a lot of trouble with him shooting high in the night. It was one of the reasons we put him on a CGM; the CDE and endocrinologist thought it would be a good way to see what his BG did in the wee hours without me having to constantly get up every few hours. We found he had a very distinct pattern of rising precipitously from about 8:30 to midnight, then by about 12:30 a.m. he'd level off. So now his basal rate is set to increase at the same rate that we saw his BG increasing, and he stays pretty stable. Most of the time. It seems like the pattern gets disrupted whenever we have a big change in weather :/

UPDATE!! We finally figured it out! He also has celiac disease and that is what was causing the tingling and numbness, after about 6 months of being gluten free he has had no issues with numbness or tingling!!

That's terrific news! G'donya!