Can a new symbol for diabetes raise awareness and money?

Look at some new options and voice your opinion by voting at With all due respect to those who have tried before, where is the universal symbol that we can rally around and raise awaress and money (our “pink ribbon”)? From a father of a child with T1 diabetes.

AML, you may want to watch this video

If you are on Twitter, you may have noticed many of us are wearing the “blue circle” on our avatars.

Thanks. I can’t hear the audio for some reason. But based on the general theme and the date of the original post, I still have the same concerns. After several years, it seems there is only a minor awareness. Great initiative but could be improved by some new energy and enhanced marketing. Oddly enough, the company I work for has a logo that is a blue circle (nearly the same color) but it has line over the top. That slight modification made it recognizable.

Thanks again.