Color of awareness ribbon

Can anyone tell me what color the diabetes awareness ribbon actually is. I hear alot of talk about blue on here, but I thought it was gray. Thanks so much.

Gray. But World Diabetes Day (November 14) is an international initiative and blue is the color they chose for their awareness efforts. I can’t really picture many international landmarks and monuments lit in gray for the day. :slight_smile:

I think blue is good, it brings to mind light, energy and awareness. Gray to me seems to be rather dull and depressing. I certainly will be wearing blue on Diabetes Day. :slight_smile:

I will be wearing blue on Diabetes Day also:)

Cassie this is the same question i was asking lol. I also saw red ribbon’s on the ada web site i am so confused …

Melissa is right. Gray is the color for a ribbon. I’ve often seen a red dot or pin or something to that effect in the center where the ribbon crosses itself to represent all the BG testing. Blue is for the WDD circle symbol and whatever else commemorates WDD.

I think a ribbon in WDD Blue is supposed to support prostate cancer maybe. I assume the logic is pink=girls=breast cancer so blue=boys=prostate cancer.

Hello! The ribbon is gray with a blood drop. But blue is for World diabeties day. And I beleibe blue for awarness braclets.Well take care

its white or gray. most awareness ribbon sites say white