Can anybody recommend a good shoe or sneaker to wear?

I have been looking for a good shoe and or sneaker to wear that make my feet comfortable. I was wondering if anybody out there might have a shoe they use that they like.

I was asking ther podiatrist who examined my feet on WDD in Philly and he recomended ASICS atletic shoes…I hit the gym alot and told him my running shoes just werent making it. The ASICS running shoes I bought are fantastic. Great support in the arch. Great padded comfort throughout the sole. I think all my athletic shoes are about to change to ASICS. I think I paid about 60 for the medium level running shoe. Prob on sale for like 20 percent off. I got them at Dick Sporting Goods…probably be tons of sales there this weekend.

Good luck … Mike

New Blanance. My favorite.

My husband uses Rockports…but I like Hush Puppies (pretty soft, durable, doesnt heart my feet…stylish too =) )

i like either saucony (that is the brand of my gym sneakers) or i got a pair of under armor sneakers for work that i love. i’ve had them about 4 months now and they are still as comfy as the day i got them…oh i’m on my feet anywhere from 9-11 hours on work days so i know how important it is to have good shoes!!

I love Rockports. They wear very well and come in a variety of styles.

I like Reebok Princess sneakers but I don’t know about guys shoes. I did go to wide even tho my feet are narrow because the top of my feet are sensitive. Don’t buy shoes online, tho. I had to send some back!

I buy my " runners " right here in Salmon Arm , BC , Canada : NEW BALANCE 850 … they serve me well walking , prepping and actionally doing a half marathon …shop owner ( marathoner , supporter of Canadian Diabetes Ass’n ) gives me a 10 percent discount …what a guy !! ,
Remember they only last for about 500- 800 K , when running / walking seriously …then OK to use going to volunteer at the local Humane Society :wink:

This is great! Thank you everybody for your responses, Ill check out some of you suggestions.