Can Diabetes please move to Pluto so we can have some peace?

I am tired. I am done. I would like Diabetes to kindly pack its bags and take the first space shuttle to Pluto. It can start walking now and meet it when the shuttle is leaving. I had suggested it could go to Mars, but my friend Pam suggested that a non-planet such as Pluto would be much more fitting. Who was I to argue?

I am just a tired Mom of a joyous teen with diabetes. Don't get me wrong, my kid could be way worse. He has an attitude twenty times his size when he is high but we will keep him for most of the rest of the time.

Yesterday was day one of the new regime...Mom texting and son texting readings back. It was a partial success. First reading came in without prompting. I was shocked, amazed and impressed. Lunch time arrived and no word. I texted, and I texted, and I texted. Finally after school I got a reply! I was not happy. On the upside, he had remembered to do all of his tests. I said I was happy with that. I had data to work with.......

To finish reading, please go to....

I’ll contribute to the spaceship air fare!

Actually, astrologically speaking, diabetes would be more fitting to go to Saturn. :slight_smile: The furtherest planet away from earth. Old astrologers called it “Satan”. It the planet that gives you hardship and trouble - in Saturns mind, this purpose is to teach us a “lesson” and help you learn by overcoming obstacle - but who wants those troubles? I have Saturn in my Sixth House (house of health). grrr…

Jupiter is the planet of Faith, vitality and lifting of spirits - believe me, Saturn is more fitting for D. :slight_smile:

Saturn works for me. I’ll contribute towards transport there.

LOL! Sunny!

Actually the Sun is the planet of "life"and it represents your “core personality” in astrology - and I wouldn’t exactly equate Diabetes with “life”. :slight_smile: We don’t want Diabetes to live we want it to die. : ) Sun is too close to the earth anyhow - we want this thing as far away from us as possible. Send it to Saturn now - it will take 30 years to return back to its original place of origin right now. :slight_smile: