Pigs can FLY

Before diabetes life was so easy but I messed it up big

No one every told be it was going to be so rough

Some days you feel like crap and that is bad enough

Why do you have to feel this way why is life so tough

Apollo 11 landed on the Moon it was not made of cheese

They put up the flag upon the moon pity there was no breeze

Only craters and rocks big and small and certainly no trees

What a big disappointment it was not made of cheddar cheese

Testing blood sugars 4 times a day needles by the score

On Saturday I have the flu jab and that will be one more

Smudge is snoring fast asleep wish I was my soul to keep

One day a cure will be found and diabetes will be put to sleep

Hope that day is not far away I would like to live forever

Maybe they can cure my heart and make it good once more

Who knows with a bit of faith these things will come to pass

If 33 miners can be rescued from deep beneath the earth

One more miracle may happen and set all diabetics free

If I was Adam in Paradise I would not eat from that tree

Who would want to leave such a place well certainly not me

My knees are really painful I cannot get out of bed

My wife has bought me breakfast here love you stay in bed

Lots of things go around like racing cars in my head

Well today Twiddlemthumbs not much more to be said

Make the most of what you've got treat it to a smile

If you and I know it's hard but life may seem much better

So here is a joke to finish with you will have to think about it


How do you make GOD laugh tell him your plans