Can I eventually get off insulin injections?

Hello everyone! I am determined to beat this diabetes thing. Anyone else feel that way? I have a nutritionist lined up to evaluate my case and she’s sure I can get off insulin. I’ve also heard from other people and health professionals that it is indeed possible. I’m exercising every day and steering clear of carbs as much as possible and my A1c and blood sugar readings are improving. I know everyone is different and everyone responds diferently to different treatments. I read a lot on the internet and it’s very confusing sometimes…all the conflicting information. Trial and error seems to be my path for the moment and I won’t quit until I can get the injections out of my life. The doctors and others I’ve come in contact with say “you’ll get used to the injections…it’s no big deal.” It IS a big deal and after nearly 3 years, I am still very anxiety- ridden with every injection. I don’t want to get used to it. I don’t like injecting heaven-knows- what into my body every day. I don’t trust big pharma or the gov’t regulators. I am open to any discussions on the subject. Natural foods and supplements, diet,mind and body wellness. Let’s share what we know and have learned. We all need help dealing with this. Here’s a little background on me…I’m a 52 yr. old female in a 36 yr. relationship with my high-school sweetheart. (He’s been very supportive through this whole thing)Diagnosed in Oct. '05…put on insulin, glipizide, metformin from the get-go. Taken off metformin a year ago. Taking 18-20 u of Lantus once daily. Like I said, any and all discussions are helpful and often informative. Would be happy to hear from anyone! Thanks! Jean

Depends - if you’re Type 1, then you don’t get to chuck the insulin before any of the rest of us Type 1s, unless you’re ready to give it all up. If you’re Type 2, possibly - many Type 2s have beta cell failure from fatigue or some other reason they haven’t yet discovered. In that case - you’ll be stuck on insulin until it’s all over with. If you don’t know, you might want to get tested because you’re lower levels of Lantus indicate you could be slow-progressing Type 1.

Have you looked at getting a pump or using an iPort? Those both require only 1 “injection” every 3 days. The pump rocks my world.

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Big Al says he has gotten off insulin. There are several others who say they got off ALL meds. I might be possible. I’m still in the process of answering the question for myself. Iknow store bought white bread blows my BS up. Store bought whole wheat …not so much and homemade white bread has almost no affect on myBS…I think. I’ll try to be more rigorous this weekend and let you know. I know homemade beer has a positive affect on BS control. why? Could it be the yeast? Yeast in bread willsurvive the baking. Real homemade beer is chock full of yeast. I also know that a soda made with HFCS will send my BS up into the 200-300 range and Dr. Pepper made with Cane sugar only sends me up to 200.
?Has there been a study connecting the ingredients of food to blood sugar?

Type 2 and sure did get off of insulin. Took it for about 10 months, only diabetic med I took in that time period by the way, and now on Metformin. Went to the Dr. last week for my first checkup since I switched to Metformin and my A1c had gone up very slighty. In May was 5.69 now 5.9. Dr. still very pleased and told me to just keep doing what I am doing. I definitely want to keep an eye on my A1c. I am not afraid to go back on insulin if I need to. As long as I don’t need to, though, I will stick with Metformin.

It’s your pancreas that will decide if you can get off insulin.

I really hope there is hope for some. I think my chances are pretty nil at this point in time. I am on 70 units of lantus a day plus a sliding scale for novolog everytime I eat. If I don’t inject, my sugars soar. Good luck to those who break free. I’m into my forth year and it still sucks.

WOW! I truly appreciate all of the quick and helpful responses. This is gonna be a great group. I actually haven’t gotten a specific answer from my endocrinologist on whether I am a type 1 o 2. He has moved to another state, so maybe my new Dr. can clarify things for me. The beta cell damage question is also still unanswered. Looks like I’ve still got more research to do. I have discovered that my system is very sensitive to carbs…in sugar form or in whole grain form. Even low carb breads shoot my blood sugar readings up. So, as much as I love breads and oatmeal, I steer clear from them. I live on meats, cheeses, veggies and nuts and seeds. My cholesterol is in the 120s and my triglycerides are below 50. I feel great and try to keep my BS readings below 150-175. I do have lows in the morning sometimes, but that just means I get to drop my insulin by 2 units. Keep responding with your great ideas and personal triumphs. It all helps. I’ll keep studying and learning,too. Thanks again everyone. This is so great!!! Jean

Whats important is what controls your blood sugar the best. You simply want the best control. There is no merit or benefit from “getting off of insulin” for the sake of “getting off of insulin”. You are not going to “beat” diabetes. It does not simply go away. You have to manage it in the best way possible. Your sweetheart will have to continue to be supportive… you will always have to deal with diabetes in some fashion. That is the reality of the situation Jean.

Hi Jean,

Wishing you every success! I hope you’ll keep us updated on your quest. I’m Type 1, so no chance for me to forgo injections, but keeping good thoughts for my Type 2 sisters & brothers. I don’t mind the injections (can’t live without them–no choice), but I worry about all the additional chemicals I’m flooding my body with along with the insulin. I’m with you about not trusting big pharma & the medical establishment/model & government regulators. You can throw the insurance companies in with them, too!

My diet sounds very much like yours. Hasn’t been easy because before being diagnosed I was a vegetarian for a long time. But, I can’t handle even eating too many veggies any more. I steer clear of all grains, with the exception of high fiber crackers. I miss good bread terribly.

How many carbs do you eat on an average day? Have you read Dr. Richard Bernstein’s book? It totally changed my life. I cut my insulin by more than half following his guidelines.

Hey Gerri! Thanks for the reply and encouragement. When I was diagnosed on '05, I went to a 5 week diabetes education class and they taught us to read labels and count 1 carb serving as 15 carbs. One carb serving of 15 carbs is way too much for my system. I count my carbs in single digits now. One carb in a stick of sugar free gum…1/2 cup serving of veggies has maybe up to 8 or 9 carbs. Macadamia nuts have 4 carbs/serving.(again, reading lables and serving size has become very important) I probably have no more than 20 grams of carbs a day. I use stevia as my coffee sweetener along with soy milk, which has 9-10 carbs per cup.(probably only use a matter of tablespoons worth of soy milk in my coffee.) Also have been suspicious that caffeine may raise my blood sugar, so I’m still experimenting with those amounts. I think I have heard of Dr. Bernstein and maybe even seen him on DLife-a half hour show on Sunday nights on MSNBC…7p.m. I liked his views a lot and I may have to check into his book. I also got my 10 year old Atkins diet book out and re-read it and was amazed at how much info on diabetes there was in that. From what I’ve heard and read, nutritional supplements play a big part,too. I take a multi-vitamin geared specifically toward diabetics. I also take a chromium supplement. There’s so much to research and learn and I’m going to keep at it. I have a nutritionist I’m planning on seeing soon, who was a nurse for 30 years. She’s broken away from the standard medical community and sounds very optimistic that we can get away from drugs and insulin, with diet and nutrition. I also get a newsletter from Mike Adams, the health ranger.(as he calls himself)Check out He’s very informative and very anti-gov’t, anti-pharma. I never took any pharmaceuticals before my diagnosis, except maybe a Tylenol or 2 for a headache. Anyway, I could go on and on.(I’m Irish…the gift of gab!) I think we can all learn from each other and I don’t think we should ever stop. I’m going to find Dr. Bernstein’s book and thanks again for the recommendation on that. I miss good bread,too! (and rice and potatoes and chips and sandwiches ,etc.) This is a great community…TU Diabetes. This kind of support is THE best medicine! We’ll chat agin soon, I’m sure! Jean

Hey Jean,

Question authority is pretty much my slogan for everything:) I’ve never bought into the medical model. Like you, I’ve never taken any meds. I refused the all the drugs my doctor suggested to “protect” my heart from diabetes. I won’t vaccinate my dogs & cats. They’re treated by a DVM homeopath & an acupuncurist.

Thanks for telling me about Mike Adams. I’ll check him out.

Twenty carbs is low. I usually eat around 30-35 a day because I’ve lost too much weight since being diagnosed. I basically eat no carbs for breakfast because my morning phenonmenon is bad.

Dr. B is a true pioneer. He’s adamantly against the ADA & the prevailing views on treating diabetes. Think you’ll enjoy his book. Dr. B has been diabetic for over 50 years & reversed all the complications he was suffering. He’s got some good recommendations regarding supplements, in particular not mega dosing on Vit C & B’s.

Check out Scroll down to the bottom of the home page & click on “writers archives.” There are a lot of Dr. B articles & some chapters from his book.

Are you taking alpha lipoic acid?

Yep, rice, potatoes, chips & pasta, too. I previously lived on Indian & Asian food.

I went to a diabetes education class, too. Mine was useless. I’d be sick if I had followed their dietary recommendations.

I use almond milk. Love it! It’s also way low in carbs-- 2 carbs per cup. I make low carb shakes with almond milk, a little heavy whipping cream, unsweetened cocoa powder (or peanut butter), vanilla extract & stevia. Whipped up in a blender–yummy!

Please let me know what you learn from the nutritionist.